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Daisy Party Supplies, Daisy Plates, Daisy Napkins

Spread some flowery warmth throughout your party decorations when you add our fabulous daisy party supplies. Soft and pretty, our daisy themed tableware, daisy decorations, flowery favors and other daisy party items will bring Spring and sunshine to any special occasion. Light up your next birthday party, baby shower or other special occasion with the help of all of our wonderful daisy party supplies!

Daisy Birthday Party Food and Activity Ideas

A lovely flower symbolizing innocence, daisies are a beautiful and classic theme for a child's party. These simple flowers – available in many different hues – make it easy to combine elegance and childlike fun on a budget, lending themselves beautifully to many easy DIY projects of all sorts.

Daisy Cookies

If you have a daisy-shaped cookie cutter, a simple batch of sugar cookies can provide a great way to catch the eyes of your little guests. (Notably, it's fairly easy to fashion teardrop-shaped daisy petals around a circular center if you don't have the right type of cookie cutter easily available.) Once the cookies have been baked, go ahead and frost the “petals” in your child's favorite colors. You can opt to add orange and/or yellow gumdrops to the centers of these cookies for an extra dash of tasty creativity, as well!

Daisy Cakes

Whether you prefer to bake a cake yourself or have one made by a professional, daisies are a fairly easy flower to depict on a typical frosted background. You can pipe pre-packaged cake decorating gel into daisy-shaped patterns on a homemade cake, or you can simply specify the number and placement of the daisies on a professionally baked confection. This can prove to be a beautiful centerpiece for just about any function, and it's one that kids and adults alike are sure to love!

Making Daisy Crafts

Since the shape of elongated teardrops around a round center is rather easy to replicate, you can have the little ones draw pictures of daisies, or perhaps have them cut and paste a daisy together out of construction paper and glue. You can also opt to use pipe cleaners and artificial flowers for daisy crafts as well, but make sure that the activities are reasonably easy to accomplish for the age group in question before going forward!

Decorating With Daisies

Real daisies can be a lovely addition to any household when in season, but these flowers tend to wilt fairly quickly once picked. As an alternative – which will also be well-received by those suffering from hay fever – try using artificial daisies that can be reused again and again. These faux blooms can be found in most craft stores, and look just as lovely as the real thing when displayed in a pretty vase or other vessel. Indeed, this can offer just the “grown-up” touch that little ones who love tea parties, dress-up, or other past-times of the wee sophisticate are likely to adore!