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Cowgirl Party Supplies, Cowgirl 1st Birthday Party Supplies

Cowboys don’t deserve all of the glory! Bring these pink and pretty Cowgirl party supplies to your next birthday party or other get-together for your little one. Dress up your western style party tables with our fabulous Cowgirl party plates, napkins, party cups, tablecovers and other Cowgirl themed party goods. It’s a great day to be a Cowgirl with the help of our wonderful Cowgirl party supplies!

Cowgirl Party Ideas To Go With The Cowgirl Party Supplies

If your little girl loves horses and cowgirls and is asking for a cowgirl themed party this year, then consider yourself very lucky. The reason for this is because planning and taking the cowgirl birthday party to completion is extremely easy and you don’t really need to do a lot of work. A cowgirl themed party is easy for you and fun for the kids and so you need to get into it right this minute. Let’s see how you can make this day all the more special for your little girl.


Seating area: If you live in a house and have a big enough backyard, consider using bales of hay as seats for the kids. Because the party will be outside, it will be easier for you to clean up the mess later. This setting will not only make the girls happy, but will also act as an added decoration.

Table setting: The food table is perhaps the most important area where you need to decorate. For the cowgirl themed party, you can use bandanas instead of napkins and you can simply set sunflowers or other wild flowers as the centerpiece.

Cutouts: Cardboard cutouts never get too old for a themed party. Cutout shapes of cactus, horses, stars, boots and horseshoes and scramble them all around the area where you are going to be throwing the party.


Hat toss: A very entertaining activity for the girl is the hat toss game with an actual cowgirl hat and a star. You need to place the hat on a slightly elevated surface, like a stair, and ask the guests to move at least 5 feet away from the hat. Once done, the objective would be to try to throw the star in the hat.

Cowgirl Dance: How can a cowgirl party be complete without some good ole cowgirl dance? The easiest and most common is the line dance or square dance. If the girls don’t know the steps then teach them or ask some other grown up guest to do it.


Camp food: During a cowgirl party, all the little girls are busy doing their own activity and so you can serve them with food that they can eat while playing. The best option would be camp food like hot dogs, beans, watermelon and apple pie etc.

Mexican food: Another popular food for cowgirl parties is the not so hot and spicy Mexican food like tortilla chips with some dips like cheese and mild salsa.