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Cheetah Print Party Supplies, Cheetah Print Decorations

Our vibrant Cheetah Print party supplies are a wonderful way to lend style and elegance to your next get-together. Add some jungle chic to your occasion with our colorful plates, napkins, cups, party favors and other exciting cheetah birthday party themed party items. If you’re looking for help in making your next party a jungle styled affair, you’ll love decorating your gathering with all of our fantastic cheetah print party supplies!

Cheetah Characteristics

The cheetah is built with a narrow waist and a deep chest. Tan fur filled with black spots around an inch in diameter give it some camouflage from its prey. The cheetah’s underside is mostly white and lacks spots. Interestingly, the tail has spots which come together at the tip to form four to six stripes, and it ends with a bit of white tuft of fur.

Like many other big cats, the cheetah is built for great burst of speed, but it lacks the ability to great distances. They have generally small heads with eyes that appear high up. Black stripes travel from their eyes to their nose and act to reflect sun and keep their eyes tear free (working much like the baseball player placing black lines under their eyes to be able to track a fly ball in the sun).

The Cheetah’s paws have semi-retractable claws which are not common in many cat species. Because they are semi-retractable, most of them are always visible. This structure helps them grip better at higher speeds. Other body parts like their nostril size, large heart and lung structure work to make the cheetah the fast creature that it is.

What’s the Difference Between Cheetah Print and Leopard Print Anyway?

The truth is that Cheetah Print and Leopard Print designs can seem pretty similar when you aren’t looking at them side by side. Cheetah spots are small and only one color (black). Leopard spots tend to be clusters of different colored spots. Often, black spots can form blotchy, horseshoe shapes around a dark brown center. The emphasis on the color of the leopard spots can vary to create somewhat different leopard print styles.

So, remember, simple black spots and it’s probably cheetah print. Multi-colored, blotchy black spots with a brownish, tan center and they’re probably leopard print.

Have a Wonderful Cheetah Print Party

A Cheetah print design can add a wonderful and stylish look to any party atmosphere. We wish you the best for your celebration and have a wonderful cheetah print themed party whatever your special occasion!