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Care Bears Party Supplies, Care Bears Party Favors

Care Bears party supplies are a delightful way to accent your little Care Bears fan’s birthday party or other special occasion. Hang some cute Care Bears decorations, add some Care Bears cupcake rings, cover your tables in Care Bears themed tableware and get ready for a huge Care Bear styled bash. Care Bears party supplies are the perfect way to help make sure that your Care Bears celebration is a huge success!

Care Bears Party Ideas That Go Great With Care Bears Party Supplies

Give everyone a glimpse into what a little love can do. The Care Bears have been around for years, giving them appeal to both parents and children alike. Teach valuable lessons while creating a fun party for everyone to enjoy with these food and fun activity ideas for a care bears birthday party.


A Taste of the Clouds

The Care Bears are seen sitting on clouds very often, so why not have some fluffy treats on hand? Marshmallows are a great snack for kids and can be combined easily to create something much bigger. You can link a few marshmallows together to create a simple looking cloud, adding chocolate chips for eyes and drawing on a smile with some red icing or food coloring.

Colorful Drinks

Each of the Care Bears has a specific color and design, so why not do the same for drinks? Line up different fruit drinks for the kids to take, sorting them by color and flavor. You can keep the theme going by pouring the drinks into star-shaped containers or putting some stickers on the cups as you hand them out.


Create a Bear

There are dozens of Care Bears to interact with, but why not make one of your own? Get a few pictures of the bears and cover up the middle section of their stomachs before scanning the image and printing it back out. You can then hand out these templates to the eager children and let them design and name their own special Care Bear. Be sure to have some crayons and colored pencils on hand so the entire bear can be colored.

Find the Rainbows!

The Care Bears have lots of love, as well as lots of rainbows to be found. Create a fun scavenger hunt by hiding images of rainbows all around the party area. Little prizes like stickers, treats, and toys are sure to be a hit with the younger ones. Mix up the search by having both big and small rainbows, with the smaller ones have mush more valuable prizes!

Pin the Symbol on the Bear

Oh no! One of the bears has lost their precious symbol that's on their tummy! Kids can help put the symbol back on by trying their best at this variation of pin the tail on the donkey. Blindfold the kid and hand them a sticker before giving them a few good spins and letting them do their best to place it on the bear's stomach.

Be sure that the Care Bears would be proud of the party you throw. Get all of your essential party supplies to have the best party of all!