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Candy party supplies are a sweet and wonderful way to decorate many different celebrations. Birthday parties, family nights, school parties, Valentine’s Day events, summer gatherings and other many different occasions all work well with this party theme. Colorful candy tableware, candy favors and candy decorations are available to dress up your big day in wonderful candy fashion. Make your special occasion a little more fun and a little more special with our fantastic candy party supplies!

Candy Birthday Party Ideas

A candy themed party is never going to go wrong as every little one in the birthday party is going to love it. As far as your boy/girl’s enjoyment goes, I can guarantee that they are going to be super excited about having so much sweet to eat. Planning and throwing this candy themed party is going to be a real treat, so let’s get started.


It’s all about the candy! So start your birthday party planning with a lot of candy, this is how you do it.

Balloons and streamers: Like every birthday party, you need to make sure that you have a lot of balloons and streamers throughout the house. But more importantly, you need to have candy colored balloons. A good idea would be to use streamers and balloons that are pastel colored.

Candy Jars: The focus of it all is the candy, so you need to have jars and jars of candy on a table. If you don’t have any idea on what candy you should buy, then the best option would be to ask your child, as after all, it is his/her birthday.

Lollipop Trees: If you are feeling a bit creative, try making your own lollipop trees. It is very simply, just get yourself a supply of hundreds of lollipops and stick these into a ball of Styrofoam; this will make the top of your tree. Once you are done, run a pipe into the base of the ball and plant this in a pretty pot.


Candy Necklaces: This particular activity is best if you are having a birthday party for a girl because girls simply love all kinds of jewelry! What you can do is to use licorice instead of a string, and ask the kids to thread in other candies that have holes in the center. Once finished, the children get to take their “candy necklace” home.

Cup Cake decorations: Kids, girls or boys, love decorating cakes, so bake many cupcakes and give the children a variety of sprinkles so they can decorate their cupcake.


Candy area: When you are throwing a candy themed birthday party, it is mandatory that you have a candy shop or area where the children can pick out and take the candy home in their goody bags. A good option would be to label the jars so every child knows which one holds their favorite candy.