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Beauty Party Supplies, Makeover Birthday Party

Our colorful and fun beauty party supplies will help you create a fantastic scene for your makeover birthday party. Makeup favors, colorful tableware, themed piñatas, cool decorations and other stylish party products will create a sense of fun and excitement for all your guests. Have a wonderful time with your beauty and makeover themed celebration with the assistance of our fabulous beauty party supplies!

Beauty Party Ideas

Glam it up with a fashionable beauty birthday party! People of all ages will enjoy letting out their glamorous side while living like a star.


Glitz Cupcakes: It wouldn’t be right to have regular cupcakes at a beauty party. Make things sparkle by adding some sugar pearls to cupcakes. You can also add some edible glitter onto the icing so that everyone knows this is something that trendy fashion designers enjoy. The base color for icing can be something lighter, like pink or baby blue, and are sure to draw the attention of kids and adults alike.

High Class Drinks: It’s amazing how the outer appearance of something can drastically alter everything. Take everyday drinks to the next level by putting them in tall, clear, plastic cups. Put a long, black straw in the drink and let your guests take them off of a tray as they walk around or enter the building.


Make Bracelets: Everyone knows that accessories are crucial to pulling off the most beautiful look. Give your guests the chance to make their own bracelets and express themselves while complimenting their overall look. You can provide them with some string and beads for simple bracelets or get some elastic so that the bracelet will actually fit the wrist of every child that makes one. Beads should vary in color and shape, and some lettered ones will be great for those that want to spell their own name on their bracelet as well.

Fashion Show: Give everyone a chance to walk the runway and show off their own style. Clear out enough space so that people can walk safely, and be sure to provide a lot of accessories so kids can change outfits. To really give off the runway vibe, providing some music will add to the fun and get kids into the fashion show. Tell the guests in advance so that they can change outfits and impress their friends!

Photo Session: What would a beauty party be if there wasn’t anything to take home and show close friends and family? Decorate one corner of a room and set up a tripod with a camera on it. While this may not seem all that necessary, it helps add to the effect and the younger ones will love it. Give them the chance to pose for a few snapshots before letting them choose their personal favorite and print it out for them. Having a fun theme and props to go with it are sure to give you some truly wonderful portraits!

Let everyone know that they are beautiful by throwing the best beauty party in town. Be sure to have all of the right tools to make everyone feel like a star!