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Beauty and the Beast Party Supplies, Beauty and the Beast Birthday

Beauty and the Beast party supplies will allow you and your special birthday girl to invite Belle and all her friends to your birthday party. Enjoy the wonder of this classic tale with the addition of these fabulous Beauty and the Beast themed favors, colorful tableware, matching balloons and other party favorites. Make your Beauty and the Beast Birthday party a hit with the addition of our terrific Beauty and the Beast party supplies!

Beauty and the Beast Party Ideas

Take the classic fairy tale to a whole new level with a Beauty and the Beast party! Everyone wants to find life in their own fairy tale, and you can give them that opportunity with a little magic and a fun atmosphere.


Tea with Chip: One of the most liked characters in Beauty and the Beast is Chip, the little teacup with a fun sense of humor. You can let your guests have a drink with Chip by letting them have their own cup. Take some teacups and paint eyes on the outside of them to give them a more recognizable look. If you don’t want to sacrifice real teacups, plastic ones can be substituted and cut to size.

Rose Cupcakes: The Beast was cursed to find true love before the final rose petal fell from the stem, but your guests don’t have to worry about that. Create some delicious rose cupcakes and watch them disappear in a matter of seconds. Use chocolate cake for the base and red icing for the topping.


Pin the Ribbon on the Beast: Help the Beast get ready for his big night by placing a ribbon on him. Kids know how to play pin the tail on the donkey, and this will give that game a fun little twist. Hand the player a ribbon sticker and blindfold them. After a few quick spins, let the kid go and see how close they get to helping the Beast pull off his complete look.

Make a Magic Mirror: One of the enchanted items that the Beast carried around was a magic mirror that let him see anything he wanted. While you won’t be able to enchant any mirrors, you can help your guests build a wonderful mirror of their own. You can get a number of inexpensive pocket mirrors at a dollar store and provide fun stickers and glitter for your guests to design their own magic mirror.

Make a Tiara: Give every girl the chance to be the Belle of the ball by giving them their very own tiara. These can be purchased in a bundle and handed out to the young princesses. Personalize these crowns with some stickers of the famous characters, or just let the girls add gems to them themselves.

Recapture the Disney magic with an enchanting Beauty and the Beast party. Have all of the supplies you need to wow your guests so that it will live in the imagination of kids for years to come.