Barbie Party Supplies: Barbie Birthday Invitations, Party Favors, and Decorations.

Don your sunglasses and get the Corvette gassed up. Our fabulous Barbie party supplies are here to please your biggest Barbie fan! These pink and beautiful Barbie birthday decorations and other party fun stuff will get your party started in high fashion. Your guests will love this girly themed napkins and other tableware filled with chic purses, stylish shoes and more.

By: Maggie from San Diego, CA
"The Barbie party supplies were good quality and exactly as they appeared the pic. My 6 yr old loved them."
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Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)
Party Pack

(For 8 Guests)

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Barbie Party Ideas To Along With The Barbie Party Supplies

Barbie is an iconic figure. From the time that she first appeared on toy shelves on March 9, 1959, offered by Mattel, the world has never been the same. Little girls had never seen dolls that exemplified glamour, fashion, and beauty in quite the way that Barbie did. She has been changing the world ever since. If your daughter wants to have a Barbie party, here are some Barbie party ideas, that will accentuate your Barbie Party Supplies for a fun and fancy Barbie party!

Party Activities

Barbie Dress-Up: Bring out the box of dress-up clothes, because these girls are going to have some fun! Let the party guests go wild, trying on sparkly skirts, frilly tops, and other fun party dresses. If you can, have some other pieces as well available for them to try. Borrow some surgical scrubs, a lab coat, a business suit, etc. Barbie has had a lot of careers and looks over the years, and your Barbie fans will want to try them all out!

Barbie Fashion Design Studio: Print out pictures of a Barbie doll figure in a bikini, on your printer, and make enough copies for everyone at the party. Have colored markers, colored pencils, and crayons ready. Let everyone design and color their own outfit for Barbie to wear!

Barbie Makeovers: Stock up on pink lip gloss, sparkle eye shadow and glitter nail polish – it’s makeover time! Let the party guests go wild, with fun little girl makeup. Make sure you also have sparkle barrettes, hair ribbons, flower head bands etc. so they can complete their glamorous new look!

Party Foods

Pink Parfaits: In a clear plastic cup, create layers of whipped cream, sliced strawberries, and vanilla pudding (tinted pink with food coloring.) Top with pink sugar flowers or candies, for that perfect Barbie touch!

Barbie Dress Cake: In your local craft or hobby store, get a Barbie figure cake topper. Bake two 8-inch round cakes, following the directions of your favorite recipe, and allow to the cakes to cool. When the cakes have completely cooled, stack them, one atop the other, with a layer of frosting in between. Carve the cakes (a little at a time) to create a gentle cone shape. Place the Barbie figure directly into the center of the cakes, and add frosting all around the middle and completely cover the cakes. Using a decorator bag, and a star tip, create decorative rosettes to create a beautiful “skirt” for Barbie to wear.

Fruit Pizza: Take a can of crescent roll dough, (they are now available in full sheets) and roll out, into a circle. Brush with butter, and lightly sprinkle with sugar. Bake for 15-17 minutes at 350 degrees, until golden and puffy. Top with thin slices of kiwi, strawberries, and whole raspberries!