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Ballet Party Supplies and Ballerina Party Supplies

Our adorable ballerina birthday party supplies are a wonderful way to celebrate the birthday of your special ballerina. However, these ballerina party supplies aren’t just for birthdays. What better way to celebrate after a recital or other performance? These graceful ballerina party cups, plates, favors, decorations and other fun party items are a perfect way to set the mood for your ballerina-themed event. Make your celebration a little more special with the help of these cute and charming ballet party decorations!

The History of the Ballet and the Ballerina

The ballet first originated in the Italian courts during the Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It began as an interpretation of fencing via dance, and spread to the court of Catherine de’ Medici in France. It was there, in France, that the classical ballet developed. France’s Royal Dance Academy was founded in 1661, and the Paris Opera and its Paris Opera Ballet (the first professional ballet company) became the premier showcase of ballet in the world.

Ballet would spread throughout Europe. While, eventually it would decline in popularity in France and worldwide, it remains important and has a huge place in dance today. The classical ballet, neoclassical ballet, post structural ballet and the contemporary ballet all have an ongoing influence on modern choreographers and other dance styles.

Edgar Degas and the Ballet

Edgar Degas is best described as a French impressionist painter (although he would have disputed this categorization) who painted mostly observations of contemporary life. He is most known for his wonderful, lifelike paintings of the ballet and the ballerinas. These paintings were mostly of ballet dancers backstage or in rehearsal, and gave them a real world feel. Dancers receiving instruction and dancers resting their sore feet were typical of his paintings. These paintings of ballerinas were popular at the time, remain popular today and are probably what Degas is best known for.

Have a wonderful time creating a beautiful ballet party! We hope you have a ton of fun big day and with all of your ballerinas in attendance. Don’t forget to include our beautiful ballet party supplies as part of your special event.