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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Supplies, Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Our Alice in Wonderland birthday party supplies will help bring these classic fairy tale party ideas home to your birthday party or other fun celebration! Don’t take your party advice from a blue caterpillar smoking hookah, take it from us. If you’re looking to create a wonderful Alice in Wonderland theme for your next gathering, you’ll love all of our Alice themed plates, cups, decorations, favors and other Alice in Wonderland birthday supplies. Make your party a mad tea party with the help of our fantastic Alice in Wonderland party supplies!

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Ideas

A lot of kids these days either love the novel or one of the many movies of Alice in wonderland. If your little child is one of those who loves one or all of the characters of Alice in wonderland, then it would be best if you throw him/her a themed party. Here are a couple of tips and ideas that will help you in transforming your home into an Alice in wonderland inspired hut.


Make use of the cardboard: Cardboard boxes are mostly lying around in our house; you can now bring these to use. The way to do this is to cut out the shapes of teacups, hats and other such Alice in wonderland symbols, stick pictures on them and hang them on your ceiling.

Costumes: If your child fancies it, you can also ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite character. Dress your own child as the good white queen, the mad hatter or if you have a girl, you can even dress her as Alice herself. Just remember to be creative.

Through the rabbit hole: No child can enter wonderland without passing through the rabbit hole. So make sure you have large cardboard box placed on the entrance so that every kid can crawl through it and enter into the world of Alice.


Teacups: The mad hatter and his friends absolutely love tea parties and drinking out of weird flying tea cups, so you need to have plenty of those. If you don’t have a lot of tea sets (or even if you do but they are too expensive for the kids to handle), get some from your neighbors or buy some cheap ones from a yard sale somewhere. In the end, you need to have a teacup for each child so they can enjoy their cold drinks/punch.

Tea party items: What do all the grownups eat on tea parties, Sandwiches, scones, pastries, cookies and cupcakes right? That is exactly what you are going to be serving on the Alice in wonderland themed birthday party. Join all of these items with your mismatched teacups and you have the perfect setting.


Musical Chairs: The game of musical chairs never gets old. For an adaptation of the Alice in wonderland theme, have the children play with the instrumental music of the movie.

Simon says: Play a game of Simon... or better yet, ‘the red queen’ says.