Abby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby Party Supplies: Abby Cadabby Birthday Invitations, Party Favors, and Decorations.

Abby Cadabby is everyone’s favorite fairy-in-training! This Sesame Street darling loves waiving her wand, floating when she’s happy and changing stuff into pumpkins. Shout “That’s so magical!”, and let your party guests come along for a charming party experience when you choose these fun Abby Cadabby party supplies. Your guests will love everything until it’s their turn to “gotta poof”.

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Abby Cadabby Party Supplies and Party Fun!

Abby Cadabby party supplies are a fun way to decorate your little one’s birthday party or other celebration. Our adorable fairy-in-training party cups, napkins, decorations and other tableware will add charm to any special occasion. Make your next Abby Cadabby party a wonderful success with the help of these delightful Abby Cadabby party supplies.

Abby Cadabby Trivia and Party Fun

Abby Cadabby is a lovable fairy character for kids everywhere. One way you can add a little entertainment to your Abby Cadabby themed party is to create some trivia questions and sprinkle them (like fairy dust) around your party. This can add some fun for both kids and adults, and if you’d like you could create a party game or contest out of it. Whatever you do, have fun with it and your Abby Cadabby loving guests are sure to have fun with it as well. So, why don’t we get started.

How old is Abby Cadabby?

Abby Cadabby is three years old.

What fruit does Abby Cadabby occasionally turn things into?

She sometimes turns things into pumpkins

What does Abby Cadabby like to say, or in other words, her catchphrase?

Abby Cadabby likes to say, “That’s so magical!”

What special language can Abby Cadabby speak?

Abby Cadabby can speak Dragonfly

What school does Abby Cadabby attend and who is her teacher?

Abby Cadabby attends Storybook Community School and her teacher is Mrs. Goose

In what parade does Abby Cadabby’s likeness appear on a 43 foot large balloon?

Abby’s likeness appears on a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

What magical thing happens when Abby Cadabby is happy?

Abby Cadabby floats when she is happy

We hope your Abby Cadabby party is a huge success. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party or some other themed special occasion, a little trivia can lend some fun to your party’s atmosphere. Have a great time on your special day, and don’t forget to include our adorable Abby Cadabby party supplies!