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Zombie Party Supplies, Cheap Zombie Party Supplies

No one wants a cheap looking zombie. But, any zombie fan will appreciate our cheap zombie party supplies! And, when we say cheap, we don’t mean poor quality, we mean inexpensive. Our fun zombie cups, plates and other zombie tableware will get you and your zombie-loving guests in the mood for brains…or maybe some cake or appetizers instead. These fantastic looking zombie party supplies are sure to help set a frightening mood at your next zombie celebration.

Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead is a movie credited by many with bringing the history of the zombie from Haitian culture and other fictional works into popular culture. Released in 1968, the movie features a couple trapped in a farmhouse who are attacked by zombies. Interestingly, the word “zombie” is never used in the film.

Night of the Living Dead was made independently for only $114,000 and eventually grossed around $12 million domestically and $18 million internationally. It was originally panned by most, mainly due to its explicit violence. Eventually, however, it reached some level of critical acclaim, mostly for its impact and cultural impact.

Many sequels of this film would be released later on. Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead were some of the films directly related to Night of the Living Dead. Other films like I Am Legend, Zombi 2 and many others can all be said to have been influenced. Of course, the recently successful Walking Dead television series (adapted from the comic book of the same name) is another zombie series that stems from zombie influences of the past.

Make Your Zombie Party a Fun One

Dress up your zombie bash with the help of our zombie party supplies. Your guests will love eating from these fun zombie plates and other assorted tableware.

Zombie Party Games

Zombie Costume Contest: Make sure your guests come ready to look like zombies! Using old clothes, tear them in different places and maybe add some fake blood to make it look creepier. Also have some Halloween makeup out so they can all apply it. Colors like green, gray and purple all work great. (And fake blood if you’re feeling adventurous.) Let the kids vote on who has the best costume. You can even do different categories, such as funniest and scariest.

Zombie Walk Contest: Now that all of your guests look like zombies, see who can act like a zombie the best! You can tape all of the contestants and see who has the best zombie walk!

Zombie Tag: Just like in a regular game of tag, one person will be ‘it.’ The chosen person will be the zombie, and therefore will be blindfolded and forced to walk like a zombie. Every person he or she tags will also become a zombie, and be blindfolded. Kids will keep turning into zombies until there is just one survivor left – the winner! Since the kids won’t be able to see where they’re going, make sure the open space is free of any obstacles.

To add even more of a creepy vibe to your party, run a fog machine and change your light bulbs to red or green ones.

Zombie Food

Brains: Make purple jell-o in brain-shaped molds! This is the perfect zombie treat.

Meat Platter: Since zombies eat raw meat, have a tray of sandwich meat available. This way, the little zombies can eat the meat “raw” or make sandwiches.

Zombie Punch: To make Zombie Punch, mix club soda, orange and pineapple juice. Add some gummy worms in the cups for a creepy effect.