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Zelda Party Supplies, Legend of Zelda Birthday Party

Zelda party supplies have arrived! What could be more fun for a Legend of Zelda fan than a Zelda birthday party decorated with all kinds of wonderful Legend of Zelda themed birthday supplies? From Zelda plates and cups to Zelda decorations to Zelda party favors as an exciting way to send your guests off in fun style, you’ll love our vast selection of Legend of Zelda party items. Make your big day a little more exciting when you invite Link and Zelda to your celebration by including all of our thrilling Zelda party supplies!

Legend of Zelda Trivia Fun, Birthday Party Activity

A simple way to add a little fun to your get-together and test your party guests Legend of Zelda knowledge is to throw in a bit of Zelda trivia. Do a little research and sprinkle a few questions and answers amongst your party setup to create some subtle entertainment. For example, write a question about Link or Zelda or Hyrule on the backs of your guests’ party plates, and write the answers elsewhere. Have your guests match up the correct answers with the right questions for fun or to win a prize. Or, simply have your guests guess at the answers (and of course reveal them) before or after you have some birthday cake. Make it light-hearted and have fun with it. Here are a handful of Zelda trivia questions to get you started.

The Legend of Zelda takes place in the land of Hyrule. What are the primary elfin inhabitants of this land known as?

The elfin inhabitants of Hyrule are known as Hylians

What is the floating island in the Skyward Sword named?

The floating island is named Skyloft.

What color of tunic is Link most frequently seen wearing?

Link typically wears a green tunic.

Link’s nemesis Ganon is part of a race of desert brigands called the Gerudo. The Gerudo are all females except for one male born every how many years?

The Gerudo have just one man born every 100 years.

Have a Wonderful Legend of Zelda Birthday Party!

Have a great time at your Zelda birthday party! Your guests will love your decorating touch and thoughtfulness when include our fantastic Legend of Zelda party favors, Zelda decorations, Zelda tableware and other terrific Zelda party supplies. Have a fantastic adventure for you and your guests when you take your birthday on a journey to Hyrule and the world of Legend of Zelda.