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Wizard Party Supplies, Wizard Party Decorations, Wizard Favors

Cast a spell over your next birthday party with the addition of these powerful and fun wizard party supplies. Whether you or your family member loves Gandalf, Harry Potter, Merlin or some other wizard, they’ll love our selection of sorcerer styled tableware, party decorations and wizard party favors. Bring your magic scrolls and add a little necromancer flavor to your birthday party or other gathering with the addition of our mesmerizing wizard party supplies!

Wizard Birthday Party Ideas to Go Along With Wizard Party Supplies

Unleash the magic with a truly enchanting wizard birthday party. These fun food and activity ideas go great with the wizard party supplies.

Brew some Food with These Wizard Party Food ideas


All wizards are experts at their crafts, and that includes creating potions. A great way to make easy potions is to pour a variety of sports drinks into glass containers. Participants will be able to drink directly out of the container or create their own unique mixtures for some truly wild tastes.

Frog's Eyes and Tongues of a Newt

Give everyone a healthy (and gross) way to enjoy their snacks with frog's eyes and tongues of a newt. For the eyes, just chill some red grapes and peel the skin off to add to the texture. The tongues can be created by just cutting some baby carrots in half from top to bottom, just be sure to provide some fun dips to go along with them.

Conjure Up Some Excitement with These Wizard Party Activities

Create Your Own Spell

Every wizard wants to be able to use some magic from time to time. Give people the chance to get creative and let them create their own spells. Would they make something that helps people out or causes destruction? The choice is up to them as each person creates their own personal spell. This activity can be a great way to break the ice and get people talking with one another. Be sure to have everyone write down their spells so that they can share them with everyone at the party as well as at home.

Make a Wand

What good is a wizard without a proper wand? Let everyone choose and make their own wands by rolling up construction paper and adding a little flair with glitter and other ornaments. Younger girls will want to make their wand truly sparkle while the boys will typically go for something much more adventurous. There is no wrong way to make a wand, and every wizard needs one that they can entrust their lives to.

Design a Wizard's Hat

Just like the wand, a wizard must be appropriately equipped with a wizard's hat. Making one of these is very simple; take a few sheets of newspaper and roll it into a cone. Taper the cone so that the bottom end is wider, and reinforce this area with another layer of newspaper. After that, cover the hat with some wrapping paper and let everybody decorate the hats and make them their own!

A skilled wizard is ready for any situation. Be sure you are prepared with the right wizard party supplies!

Wizard Party Supplies, Wizard Party Favors

Whether you or someone you know is into Harry Potter, or maybe Gandalf, or perhaps even Merlin, you’ll love our exciting selection of wizard party supplies! Decorate your party in wizarding style with our cool wizard decorations, cake supplies, wizard party favors and other fun stuff. So, grab your wands and study your spell books, you and your guests will have an awesome time with these fantastic wizard party supplies!