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Walking Dead Party Supplies, Walking Dead Party Favors

Create your own gruesome, post-apocalyptic world with the help of our selection of awesome Walking Dead party supplies! Bloody handprint-stained tablecovers, Walking Dead party favors, zombie-adorned party decorations and other exciting Walking Dead-themed items are perfect additions to your horror-stricken gathering.

The Walking Dead TV Series

The Walking Dead TV series has grown in popularity since its debut on October 31, 2010. Centered primarily around the struggles of sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes and the people around him in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world, it offers a fascinating look into a land with no civilization and danger lurking around every corner. Who can you trust in a world where survival is paramount and there are no longer any rules?

Iconic Settings of the Walking Dead

  • The Farm: While Season 1 introduces us to the post-apocalyptic world, Season 2 finds our characters stumbling upon a farm owned by veterinarian Hershel Greene and his family. While Rick’s group is able to find a temporary reprieve from the chaos around them, will they be able to work and get along with Hershel’s group? And, by the way, what’s in the barn that Hershel doesn’t let anyone near and keeps locked up all the time?

  • The Prison: In Season 3, Rick and his band have moved on to what remains of a local prison. While the prison offers security, there is always danger lurking around the corner in a zombie-infested world. Can the group set up more permanent roots here? And, what’s up with that neighboring group that lives just down the road?

  • Terminus: At the end of Season 4, we find our group relying on signs and headed to Terminus, a place the scattered signs promise “sanctuary for all”. Will Terminus provide sanctuary for the survivors? Will the group find some semblance of civilization?

Planning a Walking Dead Party?

If you’re planning a Walking Dead viewing party, a Walking Dead-themed Halloween gathering, a Walking Dead birthday party or some other apocalyptic-themed event, take a look at our selection of Walking Dead and zombie-related items. From gruesome decorations and bloody tableware to caution signs and zombie tape, you’ll find everything you need to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Have a wonderful undead time with the help of our fantastic Walking Dead party supplies!