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Veggie Tales Party Supplies, Veggie Tales Cupcake Rings

Invite the Veggie Tales into your home for your big day with the help of our fantastic Veggie Tales party supplies! Turn your party into a regular story-telling, vegetable filled kitchen countertop when you add our colorful tableware, cool decorations, Veggie Tales cupcake rings and other Veggie Tales birthday items. Add some excitement and fun to your special event with the assist from all of our charming Veggie Tales party supplies!

The History of Veggie Tales

Veggie Tales started telling stories with moral and biblical themes all the way back in 1993. Created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki (with their company Big Idea Productions), the vegetable themed series originally aired in a direct to video format. The idea of the series was to teach morals and Christian values and lessons to children through creative animation.

The direct to video model proved successful for Veggie Tales and the show’s following grew over the years. Eventually, the series was picked up as a standard television program on television networks Qubo, Ion Television and NBC. At NBC, Veggie Tales would run into a bit of controversy as the network asked that the show tone down its religious references and this was met with objections from the Parents Television Council and other organizations. Today the show is broadcast on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and its kids channel named Smile of a Child.

Typical shows centered around a moral question or dilemma. The characters then would work through the moral issue and come up with a solution. Silly songs and other fun moments appear throughout the episode to guide the characters and entertain the audience.

Veggie Tales Party Supplies

Have a wonderful time at your little one’s birthday party, family night or other fun occasion. And, don’t forget to include our Veggie Tales birthday supplies to help get your decorations and table settings set up in fun, Veggie Tales style!