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The Ugly Dolls are fun, silly and unique. Everyone has fun with an Ugly Doll and it provides a great theme for a birthday party. These are just a few ideas for celebrating a fun Ugly Doll birthday party. Check out these Ugly Doll party games and food ideas.


Make Your Own Ugly Doll – Prepare for this activity by having a sewing kit ready and providing lots of felt, craft paper, googly eyes and pipe cleaners, among other craft accessories. Kids can then decorate their own piece of felt with glitter, googly eyes, sequins and other accessories. Have them stuff their own doll with cotton batting into whatever shape they want. While they are doing other activities, you can sew up the felt to make their own take-home doll.

Ugly Doll Dancing – The best part of Ugly Dolls is that they celebrate the uniqueness found in everyone. Play the typical Dancing Statues game, but have the kids do their wildest dance moves and let loose. When the music stops they have to freeze! The wilder and weirder the poses are, the better?

Ugly Doll Memory – You can make your own Ugly Doll cards by printing out graphics of the different characters and laminating the paper. Kids then play the traditional Memory game, only this time they use the Ugly Doll cards and characters.

Ugly Doll Pinups – This is a fun version of Pin The Tail on the Donkey. Only there’s no wrong answer – the sillier or “uglier” the character, the better. You can have kids try to recreate the Uglydoll characters or make their own!


Ugly Doll Cupcakes – Provide googly eyes, sprinkles and other candies that kids can add to their own cupcakes. They can add as much as they want to make the ugliest cupcake they can!

Funny Ugly Snacks – Take pretzel rods and dot with vanilla frosting. Then add M&Ms and other candies to make funny looking snacks. You can also add licorice whips and other candies for fun.

Burgers and Dogs – Serve up a snack bar of mini burger sliders and hot dogs in a blanket for all of your guests. Add olive slices for eyeballs and pickle slices to make a happy face on the sliders.

Ugly Doll Sandwiches – Cut out ham and cheese sandwiches into fun shapes for the kids. You can also serve fun chicken nugget shapes and other fun bite sized snacks.