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Get ready for excitement and take your party into the octagon with our thrilling UFC party supplies! Our Ultimate Fighting Championship plates, cups, decorations, UFC favor bags and more will have your celebration ready for any challenge. Bold reds and blacks combine with a gray chain-link styled design and the iconic UFC logo to create an exciting look. Easily mix and match these UFC products with our solid colored products for maximum party power. Have a blast at your UFC themed event with the help or our awesome UFC party supplies!

Test Your Ultimate Fighting Championship Knowledge!

Who knows the most about the UFC at your party? One way to create some inexpensive fun and test your party guests’ knowledge at your celebration is to ask some UFC trivia questions. You can create an actual competition where the winner (or winners) win a prize, or break up your guests into teams for a team contest.

If a trivia contest seems to involved or not your cup of tea, it’s still fun to simply use UFC trivia questions and their answers as part of your party décor. Write questions and their answers on colorful construction paper (probably the UFC’s colors) and hang them or place them around your party. This will help create a fun UFC party atmosphere while at the same time serving as a conversation starter for your guests. Heck, you could even write the questions, or even UFC fun facts, on your party cups or the backs of plates. Whatever you do, make it light-hearted and have a good time with it, and your guests should have fun. Below are a few examples to help get you started.

What is the maximum number of rounds for a Championship or “main event” UFC bout?

A Championship of “main event” UFC bout can last a maximum of five, five minute rounds.

What is the maximum number of rounds for a non-main event fight?

A non-main event bout can last a maximum of three, five minute rounds.

Is hair pulling a foul in UFC fights?

While originally not a foul, hair pulling is now a foul in UFC matches.

Who were the first two UFC fighters inducted into the UFC hall of fame?

Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock were the first two UFC fighters elected to the UFC hall of fame in 2003.

Are UFC fighters allowed to wear shoes in their matches?

No. UFC fighters are not allowed to wear shoes. They must wear approved shorts, approved open-finger gloves, mouthguard, jockstrap and protective cup.

Have an Exciting UFC Themed Celebration!

Our UFC party supplies are a great start to your party planning. Low prices and fast delivery combine to make sure that our UFC decorations, UFC party favors, UFC tableware and more will get to you in time for your party while not costing you an arm and a leg. Have a thrilling time at your UFC get-together with the help of our wonderful UFC party supplies!