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Turtle Party Supplies, Turtle Baby Shower Supplies

Turtle party supplies and turtle baby shower supplies are an adorable way to decorate your upcoming special event. Cute and whimsical, these green turtles are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your party guests. Whether celebrating a future arrival or a little one’s birthday or something else altogether, these wonderful turtle party supplies are a great way to enhance your party setting.

Who’s Up For Some Turtle Information? Or, as Jerry Seinfeld Would Say, What’s the Deal with Turtles?

Someone, somewhere, sometime ago decided that turtles should primarily be divided into two groups. Whoever this person was, they were probably really smart in regard to turtles and so who are we to debate the merits of this turtle grouping system. Let’s just assume that this makes perfect sense and move ahead shall we?

Anyway, how the two groups of turtles are divided depends on how the turtle moves his or her head back into their shells. Do be classified as a Cryptodira, the turtle must be able to contract their heads under their spine when they pull it into their shell. The Pleurodira style of turtle, on the other hand, pulls their head into their shell and tucks it off to one side. One can imagine the types of fights this led to amongst the turtle population over the years. One might assume that all means of trouble was started by one turtle or another discussing with another turtle the benefits of the under spine versus the along the side method. After a while, things would get heated, some shoving might ensue and before long you’d have an all-day turtle squabble to deal with.

What’s the big deal you ask? Have you ever seen a turtle squabble? Well, it’s not pleasant that’s for sure. Oh, not because of the violence. The violence is rather minimal actually. More so, it’s the waiting around for all of the shell hiding to stop that’s rather unpleasant. One head pops out and the other ducks in and so forth all day long. Yes, a turtle fight is rather unpleasant.

Where were we? Oh, yes, turtle facts. Well, I’ve kind of run out space for that, so let’s just say that turtles are pretty cool creatures and leave it at that. Oh, and don’t forget our large assortment of turtle party supplies for your birthday or baby shower. They really are rather adorable.