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Turbo Party Supplies, Turbo Party Favors

Turbo party supplies and Turbo party favors are a great way to get your Turbo themed party started right! Whether you’re planning a birthday get-together, special dinner before the movie or some other family get-together, you’ll love our selection of Turbo party favors, party decorations and colorful Turbo partyware. Make your next party full of high-speed Turbo style with these fantastic Turbo party supplies!

Turbo, an Upcoming Movie from Dreamworks

Turbo is a snail who dreams of breaking out of his slow-paced lifestyle. Like his idol Guy Gagne, the five time Indianapolis 500 champion, Turbo craves speed. He endeavors to be fast, and this makes him a bit of a strange character in the snail community. His snail friends simply don’t understand, and his careful-minded brother Chet must endure Turbo’s embarrassing behavior.

However, everything is suddenly changed one day when Turbo becomes involved in a freak accident. As luck would have it, the accident leaves Turbo with super speed, which allows him to pursue his ultimate dream. With his newfound gift of speed, Turbo takes up racing and begins challenging the best that the Indy car circuit has to offer with his eye on the ultimate race, The Indianapolis 500.

The movie Turbo will star Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Turbo. Other actors who have signed on for the movie are Paul Giamatti, Luis Guzman, Michael Pena, Richard Jenkins, Bill Hader, Michelle Rodriguez, Ken Jeong, Snoop Dogg, Maya Rudolph and others. Dreamworks has pretty big plans for the movie, and anticipate it being a popular franchise. In fact, there is a television spinoff series already in the works.

Turbo is scheduled to be released in theatres on July 19, 2013. It looks to be a lot of fun, and we hope it’s a great film for the entire family. We anticipate that a full range of Turbo party supplies will most likely be available sometime in May, 2013.

Have a Wonderful Turbo Birthday Party!

We hope you have a wonderful Turbo birthday party, unless, of course you’re planning some other fun Turbo themed celebration. Then, we hope you have a wonderful Turbo themed movie night, family night, or whatever Turbo themed party you’ve got going on. Be sure to decorate your event with our fantastic Turbo party supplies for that colorful and extra special touch. Enjoy yourself, smile, and have fun, and your guests should have a great time too.

Turbo-Themed Birthday Party

A turbo-themed party will have guests cheering all the way to a fun-filled finish. A Turbo-themed party will immediately set a tone of upbeat, high-octane excitement. Choose great decorations, party activities, food, and favors to help keep this energetic theme fun and interesting. Get creative and have a blast creating a birthday party centered around the loveable Turbo and his fun friends.

Here are some great ideas to get your Turbo-themed party zooming off to a great start.

Brighten Your Turbo Birthday Party With These Decorative Ideas

Choose bright colors that rev up the fun to full throttle: bright primary colors like blues, reds and yellows pair with an authentic and fun black-and-white checked racing pattern. Try a bright blue table cloth with a table runner in black and white checks. Choose plates decorated with Turbo and his friends, and pair these with matching napkins and cups. Choose forks in bright complementary colors.

To have your guests racing to the snack table, choose a turbo-themed cake. If you enjoy baking, try a fun and easy Turbo cake decorating kit to really amp up the Turbo-style. If cupcakes are more to your liking, choose cupcake wraps with Turbo and his friends on them. Sprinkle bright confetti in complementary colors all over the cake table for a festive look. Set a black-and-white racing flag at each guest’s plate and provide a party hat decorated with Turbo.

Balloons are effective at spreading the cheer throughout the party space and can be great party favors. Choose solid colored balloons in bright colors that match your table and bunch them throughout the party space. Tie in a few mylar balloons decorated with Turbo movie scenes for added fun.

Fantastic Favors with Turbo Flair

You can get really creative with fun and unique favors with Turbo flair. Give each guest a pull-back racer snail or race car. You can even create a great favor with Turbo-themed water-removable racer tattoos. Give the favors as game/activity prizes – make sure every guest gets a prize – or tuck them in cute Turbo-themed favor bags.

Turbo Charged Games

Race to the Most Points: A fun Turbo-themed game is to have participants race to complete boxes on a dot board. On a poster board, create a box of evenly spaced dots in six rows of six dots (your dot board). Keep them evenly spaced. Randomly glue a few pictures of Turbo between some of the dots. Have guests take turns drawing either a vertical or a horizontal line to connect two dots. The idea is to draw a box. Whoever draws the fourth line to create a box gets a point. If the box is around a Turbo picture, whoever draws the fourth line gets an extra point. Whoever gets the most points wins the race!