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Tool Party Supplies, Tool Party Favors

Our cute tool party supplies are a wonderful addition to your tool themed gathering. If you’re celebrating a special one’s birthday or simply want to add some colorful fun to your dinner table, these charming tool themed party plates, napkins, cups and other fun birthday items are just for you. Bring home some adorable tool-time fun with the aid of our awesome tool party supplies!

Tool Party Ideas

Tools are useful for a number of different reasons, and understanding what tool can be used for each situation can be fun and educational. Here are some ways to make your tool party stand out!


Build a Sandwich: Building doesn’t always require a lot of tools; sometimes you just need a few utensils. Set up a sandwich station where guests can construct a sandwich that they enjoy and use the right tools to do so. If the guests are younger, you may want to think about building it for them, but letting them take care of the smaller tasks, like spreading the condiments onto the bread.

Tape Measure Cake: One of the most indispensable tools a person can have is a tape measure. Bake a cake that will impress your guests by making it the shape of a tape measure. To do this, simply bake a square cake and round off the corners slightly. Have a second sheet that will stick out from the round cake, which will become the extended tape. Ice everything accordingly, maybe even listing yourself as the company that made the tape measure. You can even change flavors from the base of the cake to the tape area so that everyone can enjoy the cake.


Find the right tool for the right job: If you have a lot of younger kids that are still learning about tools, let them partake in an exercise that helps them connect the right tools to the job. You can do this with plastic toys or drawings, but make sure that is a visible connection between the objects. See who can link together all of the tools with their parts first, and name them the tool champion!

Toolbelt Relay Race: Every toolman has belt to store their items in. Grab a couple tool belts and make a relay race out of the experience. This relay race is the same a standard race, except that they plastic tools must stay in the pouches at all times. When the racers switch, they must take off the belt and pass it on. Find out who is the fastest in your group!

Construction Zone: Nothing is more fun than building new creations. Set aside a space for your young builders and give them the right tools to make something fun and interesting. You can use wooden blocks or plastic pieces, but kids of all ages will love the freedom they have to create anything that they want.

Don’t be caught with the wrong tools for your party! Get the necessary supplies to throw the best tool party possible!