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Tom and Jerry Party Supplies, Tom and Jerry Cupcake Rings

Tom and Jerry party supplies are a lot of fun! Add some colorful Tom and Jerry balloons to your party decorations and really liven up your party setting. Top off your Tom and Jerry cupcakes with our cool Tom and Jerry cupcake rings. They’ll make your cupcakes look great and give your Tom and Jerry fans a party favor to take home with them. Have a great time at your birthday party or other big day, and don’t forget to add our wonderful Tom and Jerry party supplies for some additional excitement!

Tom and Jerry Trivia Fun!

Tom and Jerry can trace their start back to the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Since that time, there have been plenty of changes to the cat and mouse duo as they have evolved over the decades and into today. One fun activity that you can plan for your Tom and Jerry themed party is to sprinkle a little bit of Tom and Jerry trivia throughout your gathering. Given the wealth of history, you can easily find interesting bits of information that can be placed in decorative fashion or used in party games. Make it simple, and have fun with it and your guests should also. Below are a handful of examples to get you started.

Who created Tom and Jerry and what were the cartoon characters original names?

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera created Tom and Jerry. The cartoon cat and mouse were originally named Jasper and Jinx.

What is the name of the bulldog that frequently appears in Tom and Jerry episodes?

The bulldog’s name is “Spike”, although he’s sometimes referred to as “Killer” in earlier episodes.

What is the name of Spike’s son?

Spike’s son (who Spike is very protective of) is named “Tyke”

What is the name of black cat who is often Tom’s romantic rival for Toodles?

Tom’s frequent rival is named “Butch”

On the animated television show The Simpsons what cat and mouse characters were created as spoofs to Tom and Jerry?

“Itchy and Scratchy” were created as a cat and mouse spoof of Tom and Jerry for The Simpsons.

Have a terrific time at your Tom and Jerry themed party! Whether you decorate your setup with Tom and Jerry trivia or not, you’ll love adding a number of our Tom and Jerry party supplies to your event. Plan ahead, smile a lot, and try not to become stressed out, and your little one’s big day should be a wonderful time for everyone.