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ThunderCats Party Supplies, Thundercats Balloons and Cupcake Rings

Bring our ThunderCats party supplies home to your birthday party and follow the ThunderCats as they flee the dying planet of Thundera and battle the Mutants of Plun-Darr. Dress your party setting in ThunderCats style with our cool selection of Thundercats colors and decorations. Make your ThunderCats party even more exciting with the addition of all of our fantastic ThunderCats party supplies!

What’s Going On With The ThunderCats Anyway?

What do you mean what’s going on with the ThunderCats? You never watched the show? Okay, well then, here’s a quick plot guide so that you can relate with the ThunderCats fans in your household. First off, the ThunderCats are a group of cat-like human-like heroes from the dying planet of Thundera. You see, the ThunderCats are forced to flee their planet as the planet is breathing its last breath (figuratively, not literally).

Not only are the ThunderCats forced to flee their home planet, but as they flee, they are pursued by the Mutants of Plun-Darr (the ThunderCats’ enemies). The Mutants of Plun-Darr proceed to destroy most of the ThunderCats starships, but decide after damaging the flagship to spare it, because of the powerful artifacts that are known to be aboard. Namely, the Mutants seek the Sword of Omens which holds the mystical Eye of Thundera in the hilt that is onboard. Because of the damage to their flagship, the ThunderCats must redirect their journey to the Third Earth. The eldest ThunderCat (Jaga) offers to guide the ship to its destination while the others sleep in suspended animation for the long journey.

The ThunderCats awake on Third Earth to find that they have finished their journey. It is learned that Jaga sacrificed himself to make sure that the other ThunderCats arrived, and that he died of old age during the journey (talk about being lonely!). All is not how it seems with the surviving ThunderCats either, as they find that the aging process of their bodies was only slowed and not stopped, leaving the young ThunderCat lord Lion-O with a child’s mind and an adult body. Later, to complicate things even further, the ThunderCats would learn that the Mutants of Plun-Darr have discovered their location and don’t plan on leaving them alone.

We hope that the above information is helpful. Have a wonderful time at your ThunderCats styled birthday with the addition of our wonderful and fun ThunderCats party supplies!