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As a powerful superhero from the Avengers, Thor is the ultimate comic hero and a great idea for a superhero birthday party. Mix and match the activities depending on the age group, and add in some fun dessert and snack ideas to the traditional birthday cake.

Party Activities

Viking Superheroes: Dress up guests with Viking helmets and hammers just like Thor’s power helpers. Have them personalize their hammers with awesome decorations and stickers. Take photos and have them pose in their best Thor power moves.

Obstacle Course: Make the ultimate superhero obstacle course in the backyard or in your living room using furniture and creatively arranging cardboard boxes, tubes and hula hoops. Make it a race or just a fun challenge for the little superheroes.

Avengers Man Hunt: Have the kids dress up in their Viking gear for a fun game of Man Hunt. Divide them into two teams and any kids who are tagged have to join the opposite team.

Lightning Bolt Jumps: Play this game like “Musical Chairs”, but with huge cut-out lightning bolts on the ground for kids to jump on when the music stops.

Party Food

Foot-Long Sandwich: Thor loves power food and protein, so you can serve a foot-long “hero” sandwich for all your little superhero Avengers.

Lightening Cake: Make a sheet cake in the cut out shape of a lightning bolt. Add white frosting around the sides, and then mix the vanilla icing with yellow food coloring to make yellow icing for the top of the bolt.

Thor’s Hammer Brownies: Make up a batch of gooey, chocolate brownies to be the head of Thor’s hammer. Then add a pretzel stick to make the base of the hammer. Each child can enjoy their own edible hammer!

Superhero Punch: Mix a delicious fruit juice with a bit of soda water to make power-friendly fizzy drinks. Serve them in mini bottles with personalized superhero labels, or serve them in a glass pitcher in Thor-themed plastic cups.