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Superman Party Supplies, Superman Party Favors

Superman party supplies are a great way to turn your birthday party into a super heroic occasion! Transform your party setup into Metropolis with all of our Superman decorations, Superman party favors, colorful tableware, Superman cake supplies and more. Don’t settle for a simple get-together! Take your gathering to new heights with the help of our fantastic Superman party supplies.

8 Things You May Not Know About Superman – Superman Trivia

Superman trivia and fun facts can be used in fun ways to entertain kids and adults at a Superman themed party. Group party guests into teams and reward correct answers with candy, favors or other treats. Or, write trivia questions onto the backs of your Superman plates and the answers on the bottom of your cups. Let your guests unscramble which plate belongs to which cup. There’s many other things you can do with Superman trivia. Just use your imagination.

What year was Superman created?


Who created him?

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman together and sold his rights to Detective Comics (later DC Comics).

What comic book did Superman first appear in?

Action Comics #1

What state was Superman raised in after coming to Earth as a baby?

He was raised as Clark Kent in Kansas

Has Superman ever been killed?

Yes, in 1993, Superman was killed by the villain Doomsday. He was soon resurrected.

Superman’s girlfriend Lois Lane appears often in Superman comics. Did they ever marry?

Yes, Superman and Lois Lane married in 1996.

What were Superman’s original powers?

Superman’s powers were originally only super-strength, super-speed, super-leaping and a super-dense body that made him difficult to hurt. Eventually, new powers (including flight) were written for him.

Who was Superman’s secret identity (Clark Kent) named after?

Famous actors of the time, Clark Gable and Kent Taylor.

Have a Spectacular Superman Celebration!

Whether you’re planning a Superman birthday party, a Superman movie party or some other Superman get together, we hope your party is super spectacular. Plan ahead, try not to stress out too much, and most importantly, decorate your party with our amazing Superman party supplies!