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Superhero Party Supplies, Superhero Birthday Party

Superhero party supplies are a great way to help make your party a super-fun event. Your party guests will yell “Kapow!”, “Bam!” and “Pow!” in excitement when they see your party table decorated with these thrilling superhero plates, napkins, cups and other tableware. These superhero party supplies are great for birthdays and any number of other special occasions.

What Makes a Superhero a Superhero?

The word superhero dates as far back as 1916 and has come to represent the prototypical upper-powered character that is out protecting the public. Since the debut of Superman in 1938, superheroes have dominated comic books and their stories. Of course, the personalities of superheroes have changed over the years from the straightforward defender of mankind to the more complicated, more “real” characters of today.

Superheroes don’t have to have superpowers to be considered superheroes. Basically, they just need a costume and the will to fight bad guys, although a belt of cool gadgets (i.e. Batman) certainly helps their credibility. Masked crime fighters are usually characterized as superheroes in comic books.

What are Some of the Typical Superhero Characteristics?

All superheroes vary to some degree, but they typically have some (or many) of the following characteristics:

Superpowers – Superheroes almost always have superpowers or special weapons.

Secret Identity – Most superheroes have a secret identity to keep the prying eyes of the public (and their enemies) away. This involves a creative costume. Sometimes identities can be compromised which leads to interesting plot lines.

A Complicated Personal Life – Think about it. Most people have trouble running one life, let alone two different lives where in one of them you’re fighting bad guys in a costume. Personal relationships get complicated, and this makes for a great story device.

A Story to Explain Things – How did the superhero get their powers? What drives them to put on a costume and fight crime? These are important elements to the superhero.

Reoccurring Enemies – Most superheroes fight the same enemies numerous times. Superman had Lex Luther and others. Batman had The Joker and others. The Superhero typically has a reoccurring list of enemies that they fight.

Other Superhero Traits – Superheroes tend to have money to support their crime fighting because that early shift at Starbucks might present a problem after you’ve been out fighting aliens all night. Superheroes usually have some sort of hidden headquarters. Finally, Superheros sometimes have sidekicks or other heros they work with.

So, that’s what a Superhero is all about. Enjoy your Superhero party with the help of our fantastic Superhero party supplies!