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Super Why Party Supplies, Super Why Birthday, Super Why Cupcake Rings

Throwing a Super Why birthday party without Super Why party supplies is like planning a spelling bee without the bee… or something like that. Regardless, if you’re planning a Super Why birthday, you’ll certainly want to include our Super Why cupcake rings, matching colored tableware and other fun decorations. Have a great time organizing your party and making your day special with the aid of our exciting and fun Super Why party supplies.

Super Why Trivia Fun

If you’ve got some super readers who love the Super Why television show, they’ll love entertaining themselves and each other with a little Super Why trivia. For fun, spread some trivia around your celebration; write questions and answers on the back of your party plates, place some Super Why facts on your party cups and/or hang some fun Super Why info amongst your Super Why decorations. See if the kids know the answers and perhaps make a game out of it. Whatever you do, make it light-hearted and entertaining and your guests should have a good time with it. Below are a couple of Super Why trivia questions and answers to help get you started.

When did the show Super Why first premier?

Super Why first premiered on PBS on September 3, 2007.

What is the leader of the Super Reader’s Whyatt’s last name and how old is he?

Whyatt’s full name is Whyatt Beanstalk and he is nine years old.

What does the character Little Red Riding Hood wear on her feet in the Super Why show?

In Super Why, the Red Riding Hood character likes to wear red roller skates.

How many brothers and sisters does Whyatt have in his family?

Whyatt has a baby sister named Joy, and two older twin brothers named Jack and Ken. Jack and Ken are eighteen years old.

Who are the five Super Readers and what are their symbols?

Whyatt is the leader of the Super Readers and his symbol is a question mark. The other Super Reader members are Little Red Riding Hood, Pig, Princess Pea, and Puppy (or Woofster). Little Red Riding Hood’s symbol is a spiral, Pig’s symbol is a triangle, Princess Pea’s symbol is a star and Puppy’s symbol is a dog bone.

Have a great time celebrating your birthday party and dressing up your special occasion in your Super Why theme. Whether you use a little Super Why trivia or not, have fun with your party and your guests should too. We wish you the best and hope everyone has a great time. And, don’t forget to include our fantastic selection of Super Why party supplies.