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Our exciting Star Trek party supplies will let your party explore the final frontier. Okay, that was bad. How about Star Trek party supplies will take your party to galaxies far, far away? Wait, that’s Star Wars. How about we just drop the Star Trek clichés and just mention that if you’re looking to decorate your party in Star Trek themed party items, you’ve come to the right place. Our Star Trek themed cupcake rings and other decorations are perfect for the Star Trek fan in your life!

Star Trek Trivia Fun, Star Trek Birthday Party

One way to liven up your Star Trek themed get-together is to use some fun and interesting Star Trek trivia to decorate with. What do we mean? Well, to help conversations get started amongst your Trekkie fans, place some difficult, or not so difficult, trivia questions on the walls, on the back of paper plates, on cups or in other fun locations. Keep the answers to yourself and let your visitors fight it out, or make the answers easy to find. Just keep it fun and your Star Trek birthday party guests should enjoy it. Below are some examples of Star Trek trivia to help get you started.

When did the original series (“TOS”) of Star Trek first air on NBC?

The original Star Trek series first aired September 8, 1966.

Star Trek is one of the rare shows to have had more than one pilot. The first pilot was rejected before the second pilot was picked up for a series a year or so later. Who starred in the original pilot as the Enterprise Captain and what was that Captain’s name?

Actor Jeffrey Hunter starred as Enterprise Captain Christopher Pike in the show’s first pilot, “The Cage”.

What are the names of Spock’s mother and father?

Spock’s parents are Sarek (a Vulcan ambassador) and Amanda Grayson, a human.

Where and when was the character of Captain James T. Kirk born?

Captain James T. Kirk was born in Riverside, Iowa (Earth obviously) in the year 2233.

While at Starfleet Academy, James Kirk became the only student to defeat what test?

Kirk became the only student to defeat the intentionally “no win” Kobayashi Maru test by reprogramming the computer test to make it winnable. While some may argue that he cheated, he was commended for his original thinking.

Find out how big of Star Trek fans your guests really are with a little Star Trek trivia excitement. Whatever you plan for your Star Trek get-together, just try to have fun with it and your visitors will appreciate your efforts. Have a fabulous time and don’t forget to include our fantastic Star Trek party supplies!