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Spiderman Party Ideas

You don’t need a Spidey Sense to throw the ultimate Spiderman theme party! Grab some Spiderman Party Decorations and check out the Spiderman theme party ideas below!

Silly String Web Wars: Get a bunch of silly string cans and let your guests have the ultimate web slinging fight.

Mission Meet Spiderman: Have a trusted adult dress up as Spiderman and devise a series of missions (mini puzzles or drawings) around the house that lead to Spiderman thanking the partygoers for completing the mission.

Wowzer Science Experiments: Peter Parker loved science, so why not make a mini laboratory in your living room? Try out a variety of science experiments, such as mixing whole milk and four different food colorings into a cookie tray, then dripping liquid soap in to watch what happens.

Pin Spidey on the Web: Create your own Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a huge web on the wall and a laminated cut-out picture of Spiderman. Blindfold each guest and let them try to stick Spidey into the center of the Web.

Party Food

Spidey Fruit Salad: Create a Spiderman-themed appetizer complete with strawberries, blueberries and fluffy white Cool Whip. Add black plastic spiders for a special touch.

Green Goblin Goo: Make green, lime Jell-O for the villainous Green Goblin fans.

Spiderman Cookies: Make sugar cookies with chocolate chips for the black spiders. Add red and blue food coloring for special Spiderman swirls. Add a white frosting web design for an extra web-tastic effect.

Spiderman Power Punch: Serve Gatorade fruit punch with frozen cubes of blue punch. Extra points for spider-shaped ice cubes!

Again, don't forget your Spiderman Party Supplies!