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Spiderman! Spiderman! Does whatever a spider can! Spin a web of super fun party decorations with our amazing Spiderman Party Supplies! Get your party sense tingling with our awesome Amazing Spiderman Party Packs. This classic comic book hero theme is perfect for birthday parties and will make your guests yell with excitement at these bold and fun illustrations!

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Spiderman Party Ideas

You don’t need a Spidey Sense to throw the ultimate Spiderman theme party! Grab some Spiderman Party Supplies and check out the ideas below!

Silly String Web Wars: Get a bunch of silly string cans and let your guests have the ultimate web slinging fight.

Mission Meet Spiderman: Have a trusted adult dress up as Spiderman and devise a series of missions (mini puzzles or drawings) around the house that lead to Spiderman thanking the partygoers for completing the mission.

Wowzer Science Experiments: Peter Parker loved science, so why not make a mini laboratory in your living room? Try out a variety of science experiments, such as mixing whole milk and four different food colorings into a cookie tray, then dripping liquid soap in to watch what happens.

Pin Spidey on the Web: Create your own Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a huge web on the wall and a laminated cut-out picture of Spiderman. Blindfold each guest and let them try to stick Spidey into the center of the Web.

Party Food

Spidey Fruit Salad: Create a Spiderman-themed appetizer complete with strawberries, blueberries and fluffy white Cool Whip. Add black plastic spiders for a special touch.

Green Goblin Goo: Make green, lime Jell-O for the villainous Green Goblin fans.

Spiderman Cookies: Make sugar cookies with chocolate chips for the black spiders. Add red and blue food coloring for special Spiderman swirls. Add a white frosting web design for an extra web-tastic effect.

Spiderman Power Punch: Serve Gatorade fruit punch with frozen cubes of blue punch. Extra points for spider-shaped ice cubes!

Again, don't forget your Spiderman Party Supplies!