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Speed Racer

For the ultimate wild adventure, add the thrill of the races with a Speed Racer theme birthday party.

Party Activities

Ultimate Racecar Competition – Set out cardboard boxes cut with holes for the body, head and arms. Then offer paper, markers, glitter, glue and other decorative materials. Kids can decorate their own racecar (it helps to show an example for them to copy). Once ready, they can have their own car race running around your backyard!

Speed Racer Helmets – Speed Racer’s sleek helmet is cool and part of the iconic cartoon. Using bowls or balls cut out to fit the head. Have kids decorate their own helmet to make a flashy race car helmet to take home.

Tire Relay – Set out two or three spare tires in the yard and split the kids into teams or pairs. Then have the party guests run to the tire, run around twice and then run back. You can have them spin around a baseball bat first to make them extra dizzy!

Race Car Relay – Everyone has a plastic race car track – and now is your chance to show off the race car track for all of your Speed Racers. Set up an extra fun race car track through your living room and have the children zoom around toy cars in a fun competition.

Party Food

Speed Racer Wheels – Spin cherry licorice into circles to look like car wheels and serve in a bowl on your snack bar.

Pit Stop Sandwiches – Get the kids into the race car mood by serving the typical food straight out of the pit stop crew. Offer foot long hero sandwiches with a variety of deli meats to suit each taste. It’s an easy snack that everyone will love.

Racecar cake – Build a race car sheet cake using easy cutouts and icing decorations. The cake can be build using a couple of different shapes and sizes and then icing the forms together into the shape of a car. Cover it in while vanilla icing with colorful decorations to make it look like Speed Racer’s car.

Traffic Light Brownies – Make chocolate brownies and add white frosting droplets in three spots down the center of the brownie. Add either M&Ms or gooey gumdrops using the red, yellow and green colors for the traffic light.