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Space Party Supplies, Space Party Favors

Blast into space for your next birthday party with the addition of our exciting space party supplies! Travel past the planets and into another galaxy with our cool Space decorations, space party favors, space tableware and other out of this world space birthday items. You and your future astronauts will love the real world style and amazing illustrations found on our fantastic space party supplies!

Out of this World Space Party Ideas

Flying Saucers: Put a space twist on the classic Ring Toss game by giving kids flying saucers made of cardboard, to fly around cones.

Nerf Rocket Launch: Purchase a Nerf rocket and stage your very own rocket launch complete with party guests acting as Ground Control, to make sure you have a smooth liftoff.

Space Commander Says: Take Simon Says out of this world with a space version of Space Commander Says. Have the birthday child command their guests with a fun version of Simon Says.

Space Training: Create your own obstacle course complete with an air mattress for anti-gravity training and hula hoops for Saturn’s rings. Add other space-themed obstacles for the ultimate space race.

Serve Some Intergalactic Space Food to Your Guests

Space Cakes: Serve mini chocolate cupcakes with powdered sugar and silver sprinkles for fun space cakes.

Meteorites: Shape rice krispie treats to look like meteorites. Serve them in silver bowls.

Alien Cookies: Make sugar cookies covered in green icing and decorate them to look like aliens. Add them next to the meteorites to continue the space-age theme.

Orbit Pizza: This pizza is actually a space-friendly flying saucer. Serve regular pizza but label it “Flying Saucer.”

Space Party Supplies, Space Party Decorations

Space party supplies, space party decorations and our other astronaut birthday supplies are a fantastic way to decorate your next celebration! Lay out your party tables in outer space style with our amazing space plates, cups, napkins and other matching tableware. Hang up some incredible deep space decorations. And, don’t forget to hand out a few fun space themed party favors to your guests. You’ll have a wonderful time planning and throwing your space styled party with the addition of our amazing space party supplies!