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Skylanders Party Supplies, Skylanders Party Decorations

Skylanders party supplies are a great way for your Skylanders fans to celebrate their next special occasion. Birthday parties, family nights, video game parties and other special occasions are all a great reason to add some excitement to your party setup with our Skylanders pary decorations. Your party will be extra adventurous and your guests will be thrilled with the addition of these specatacular Skylanders party supplies!

Skylanders Birthday Party Ideas

Bring the Skylanders game to life by hosting a fun party that is both fantastical and adventurous. Throw an event of a lifetime to avid gamers. All of the young portal masters will be honored to attend this unique party that challenges them to restore different forces, just like in the game.

Skylanders Party Food

Portal of Power Cake: In the Skylanders game, the Portal of Power is what brings the characters to life – and the gamer becomes the portal master. Cover a two layer cake with fondant made to look like stone and then set Skylanders characters on top of the cake for an added dose of the portal.

Chocolate Wii Remotes: Simply melt chocolate or candy into Wii remote molds and you have a very cool snack sitting at the table for the gamers. Everyone will love how delicious they taste and they will appreciate the creativity involved to keep the theme going. Keep a points system going so that the top “players” receive a certificate as a reward. Creating a life-like game will shock and impress everyone.

Elements Sugar Cookies: Create the shapes of the elements found in the game on top of cookies, or use cupcake toppers to place on top of cookies. Place a sign next to the cookies saying “The Elements” to draw everyone’s attention to them. Tell everyone that they will need to power up, because they are about to enter the game to restore the sources.

Skylanders Party Activities

Golden Can Shooting: This simple game will bring a load of fun to the day, making it feel as though they have stepped into “Skylanders” for a moment. Line up gold-painted cans on a table. Use a water gun to knock them down and bring back the “eternal tech source”.

Balloon Float: Use multi colored balloons, blow them up, and then bring everyone into a game where they have to keep them in the air by blowing on them. No hands allowed! This will help to restore the “eternal air source” just like in the Skylanders game. The real life challenge will be all the more invigorating to the kids.

Chompie Smash: This one is sure to bring about a large round of laughter. Blow up some balloons prior to the party. Have everyone sit on the Chompie balloons and smash them in order to restore the “eternal undead source”. Remember not to use any feet! This one might just be everyone’s favorite.

Have a Great Time at Your Skylanders Party!

While our Skylanders party supplies are a great way to get your Skylanders party started right, don’t forget that that’s only part of the equation. Have a couple of Skylander themed (if possible) party activities picked out ahead of time to keep your Skylanders fans busy. And, be prepared to move on if an activity you’re planning isn’t a hit for whatever reason. Some crowds of kids love party activities and some would rather just eat cake or whatever. Have a great time at your Skylanders birthday party or other event and enjoy all of our fantastic Skylanders party supplies!