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Skateboard Party Supplies, Skateboard Party Favors

Skateboard party supplies are a cool way to celebrate the skateboarding fanatic in your family’s big day. Maybe you’ve got a skateboarding fan in your family who’s celebrating a birthday, or maybe you’ve got some other reason to celebrate. It doesn’t matter what the occasion, as long as you help decorate it with our cool and colorful skateboarding tableware, decorations, skateboard favors and other fun skateboard party stuff. Make your special occasion a fantastic one with these exciting skateboarding party supplies!

Skateboard Party Ideas

Hit the ramps with a radical skateboard party that will thrill skaters both young and old. Provide them the right foods and activities to encourage skating and help them embrace the culture of skaters.


Skateboard Cookies
Make tiny edible skateboards by making skateboard cookies. Bake a sheet of rectangular sugar cookies and then use icing to add edible wheels (which can be made of candy) before adding a unique design to the top of the board. You can be as realistic or creative as you want, but they are bound to be a hit with every type of skater.

Skater Drink Bar
Every skater needs that extra kick to keep going. Provide them with the right drinks by offering a drink bar. You can have fruit juices, sodas, and energy drinks ready for them to consume. Make sure that you cater the drinks to the ages of the party-goers, and don’t wind them up too much. Having a bar is a great idea because they can even skate by and grab a drink as they coast by the table.

Party Activities

Skate Park
If you have a lot of skaters at your party, who not build a little skate park for them? You can do this with some basic carpentry skills, but you don’t necessarily have to build ramps for them either. You can create a course that kids can skate around and learn tips and tricks from older skaters. You’d be impressed as to how creative skaters can be with their environment; just give them the tools to play around with.

Make Fingerboards
Fingerboards are fun miniature skateboards that are easy to make. You can use some cardboard to make the basic outline of the board and then attach some wheels to the bottom of the deck. If you don’t have a lot of guests, you can also find plastic kits for building fingerboards that are sure to please any age skater.

Skate Tag
Put a fun twist on tag by letting it happen on wheels. One person is it while they try to tag another skater. Make sure that everyone plays safe since it is easy to fall off of the board, but this game is a great way to test a skater’s skills while letting them have fun at the same time.

Be Ready for Your Big Day

Every skater knows that they need the right equipment to perform their best, and the same goes for your party. Don’t be caught without the right gear, make sure you equip yourself properly and throw the best party possible!