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Bring the Predator to Your Birthday with These Fantastic Shark Party Supplies!

Our Shark Party Supplies are one of our favorite birthday themes that we sell. Sleek and powerful, the shark imagery for these party products is so amazing that your guests will think they’re at the aquarium. Bring one of the fiercest predators in the ocean to your celebration with the help of our outstanding Shark Party Supplies! And, have a look at some interesting shark facts below:

Teeth: Probably the most notorious and well-known trait of any shark is their multiple rows of sharpened teeth. Interestingly, shark teeth grow directly into the gums (as opposed to the jaw) and move forward, over time, like a conveyor belt to the front of the shark’s mouth. Unlike humans, sharks constantly lose and replace teeth throughout their life.

Jaws: Shark jaws are built away from their cranium (unlike humans) and require extra support for some of the large-scale work that they perform. Small plates (called “tesserae”) formed from calcium salts give them that strength with an interlocking system of support. Many sharks will have one to two layers of the bone-like tesserae, but larger ones like the Great White can have as many as five layers.

Fins: Shark fins (most sharks have eight) are generally long in nature and are built more for speed than maneuverability. In fact, sharks cannot move in a tail-first direction, and are instead forced to drift away from objects directly in front of them. The fins have caused some problems for the population of the species as they are often used for the popular Chinese dish shark fin soup. Interestingly, shark fins are only used for texture in this soup while the soup’s flavor is derived from other ingredients.

Tails: Shark tails can vary a good amount between different shark species, but in general the tails are built to provide the creature’s thrust or speed. With the vertical column extending into the tail, the shark gains the advantage of a larger surface for muscle growth.

Of course, there’s more to sharks than just a few of their more important parts. From how they attack to their sleep habits (they rest with their eyes open and some believe that one part of their brains sleep at a time) to their level of intelligence (they have apparently exhibited signs of play and curiosity), sharks are certainly one of the most interesting creatures on the planet.

If you’ve got a fan of sharks in your household and they’ve got a birthday party coming up, don’t forget to include these wonderful shark birthday party supplies!