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Dr Seuss Party Supplies, Seuss Baby Shower Supplies, Seuss Birthday Party

Dr Seuss party supplies are an adorable way to help celebrate your little one’s arrival, birthday, 1st birthday or other special occasion. These cute, classic Seuss characters that decorate this charming theme state, “One fish, two fish, red fish, new fish” in whimsical style. Bring some adorable color to your party when you make these wonderful Seuss baby shower supplies a part of your big day!


You’re having a shindig, the best of the year! Why not add a Dr. Seuss theme and bring everyone cheer?

Party Activities

Reading Circle – You can’t learn all the places you go without the books of Dr. Seuss! Create a Dr. Seuss reading circle for a calm activity that all the kids will enjoy before getting to the more active games and fun. Decorate a corner of the room with pictures of Dr. Seuss characters and set out fun colored pillows or blankets to set the stage.

A Lorax Garden – In honor of the Lorax saving the trees, get the children to plant a tree and flowers in a garden. If you want to think bigger, arrange the party to plant trees around the community, then read the Lorax to have the kids reflect on the activity.

Bartholomew’s Hats – Arrange an arts and crafts table with store-bought simple hats. The kids can create a wild hat straight from “The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.” Offer feathers, glitter, felt, sequins and other fun accessories.

Movie Time – For a quiet activity, setup a movie corner showing The Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who and other popular Dr. Seuss movies for kids who don’t want to take part in the activities.

Party Food

At your snack bar, place each dish in a fun and colorful bowl or plate, and then add Dr. Seuss labels so everyone knows what each item is and it adds more of the Dr. Seuss feel. One Fish, Two Fish – Serve Red and Blue Swedish Fish candy in a bowl as a fun snack. Print out a colorful copy of the poem One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish to go along with the snack.

Oodles of Noodles – Serve a cold pasta salad with some fresh veggies covered in an Italian dressing mix for an extra flavor.

Green Eggs and Ham – Prepare deviled eggs but add green food coloring to dye the eggs for the accurate “green eggs” effect. On the same plate, serve rolled up pieces of cured ham or deli ham, pinched with a toothpick that carries a little flag on top for extra color on the plate.

Whocakes – Make fun mini vanilla cupcakes with different colored vanilla icing using food dye. Get some cake toppers with the Whoville characters to put on top of each cake.

Yertle’s Turtles – Inspired by the Dr. Seuss character Yertle, make delicious gooey brownies with caramel and pecans added on top. Melt down the caramel and spread over the freshly baked brownies, adding crushed pecans for the added crunch.