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Robot Party Ideas

Plan the ultimate Robot Party with these out-of-this-world party ideas and activities.

Transformers: Have cardboard boxes and tin foil on hand so that kids can “transform” into robots to get the party started. Make sure the boxes have large holes cut out for the head, arms and legs. Cover the box with foil.

Do The Robot: Play fun party dance music and have all kids “do the robot” dance – when the music stops, they have to freeze. Those who don’t freeze in time sit out the next round until there is one robot left.

Build a Bot Craft: Get an age-appropriate robot craft from a crafts store, separate all the pieces into individual bags for each guest so it’s easy to organize the robot building activity.

Make Your Own Robots: Use marshmallows and pretzel sticks so each guest can build a robot. Use large mallows for the body and smaller ones for the head. Add sprinkles or Red Hots for the eyes, using marshmallow fluff for glue.

Party Food

Nuts ‘n Bolts: Serve small pretzels for the bolts, Chex mix, and colorful fruit loops or Cheerios for the nuts. Add M&Ms and raisins to bulk up this robotic treat. Add potato chip “computer chips” as well to the snack bar.

Robotic cupcakes: Make vanilla cupcakes but add 3 drops of blue food coloring. Then add vanilla icing on top of each cake. Add blue candies on top to look like bolts.

Motor oil: Serve Capri juice packs (with the silver packets) in a bowl marked “Motor Oil.”

Mini Sprockets: Make mini pizzas for each guest using small bagels covered with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Add pepperoni for the full sprocket effect.