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Rio Party Supplies, Rio Cupcake Rings, Rio Party Favors

Rio party supplies are in the building! Bring Blu, Jewel, Linda, Tulio and the entire cast of Rio home to your birthday party, movie night, family get-together or other special occasion. The colorful enchantment of Brazil is highlighted on our wonderful Rio party decorations, party favors, Rio cupcake rings, cake kits and other party items in our selection. Venture into the jungle to visit the macaws and enjoy your birthday party with the help of all of our outstanding Rio party supplies!

Rio Birthday Party Ideas

It is time to throw an adventurous tropical party, Rio style, for an “Easy Breezy” good time. Bring home everyone’s favorite characters from Rio for an unforgettable and fun filled day.

These Rio Food Ideas are No Mere Bird Feed

Rio Cupcakes: Surprise your little guests of the party with cupcakes topped with blue icing and fun Rio inspired toppers for a truly authentic Rio feel. It is a good opportunity to ask what character is everyone’s favorite.

Tropical Fruit: Serve various tropical fruits like pineapple, bananas, melons, etc. on kabob sticks to keep up with the bright, rainforest theme that the kids will love. It is also a great way to tell the kids about healthy eating and why they should take a cue from the birds from Rio.

Colorful Ice Cream: Give each guest a scoop of bright blue ice cream in tropical themed bowls and then guide them to an ice cream station with bright colored toppings such as sprinkles, M&Ms, Skittles, etc. Nothing will look more colorful or tropical than these fun ice cream creations. Not to mention – every kid dreams about an ice cream station.

Fly High with These Rio Party Activities

Bird Gliders: This is sure to be a hit, because it is so fun. Create a bird glider using markers, crayons, and stickers. They can name their birds after the ones in the movie, or they can create their own characters if they wish. Allow them the chance to be creative. Once everyone has made their own tropical bird, you can turn it into a game. Have everyone throw their gliders (Away from the group, of course) to see whose flies the farthest.

Wooden Maracas: Introduce a maracas making kit for the ultimate in party fun. Kids can paint them or add stickers to them to personalize their instruments. Then, have all of the guests form a band just like the Mariachi band in the Rio movie.

Limbo: This will add some warm weather-inspired fun to your Rio party. You can simply use a broomstick, and why not play the Rio soundtrack while everyone attempts to limbo as low as they can go. This is sure to be a lot of fun and will bring a lot of laughs.

Tropical Bird Trivia: Allow everyone a chance to rest by having them sit down while you hold up different cards or pictures of tropical birds. Ask the children to name what it is. If they do not know, tell them the name and then ask them a true or false question for each bird.

Rio Party Supplies, Rio Party Decorations

Rio party supplies will make you and your guests feel as though you’ve journeyed to Brazil! Colorful blue macaws and other stunning tropical birds decorate our stylish tropical tableware, Rio party favors, Rio cake decorations and other fantastic Rio party items. Venture to the streets and jungles of Rio for your next gathering with the help of our beautiful Rio party supplies!