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Police Party Supplies, Police Birthday Party

These too cute police party supplies are a great way to serve your party fare, decorate your party tables and walls and make your celebration look like a regular police station (not really, real police stations can be rather drab and have some rather seedy elements lurking about for processing). Our police plates, cups, decorations and favors are a wonderful way to show off your love for the men in blue at your upcoming birthday party or other special occasion. Make your party planning a little easier and more charming with the help of our fantastic and colorful police party supplies!

Turn Your Police Birthday Party Into A Memorable One With These Party Ideas

Enforce the law of good parties with an exciting police party! Don’t break the law of good partying by following these fun ideas.

A Few Food Ideas to Help Avoid a Police Birthday Party Food Emergency

Handcuff Cakes: Make a cake that fits the theme by having a unique handcuff cake. In order to do this, bake two small round cakes and link them together with some edible sugar (like fondant.) You don’t have to have the cuffs open, and coloring the outside of the cakes a dark gray will add to the look of the cuffs. Try making each cake a different flavor, so that people come back for seconds!

Edible Jell-O Sirens: The police siren is one of the most iconic things about an officer, and you can easily make this with some Jell-O. Just make the Jell-O into little cups, and flip them over when they are hardened. You can blend different colors or add bits of fruit into the dessert, but they are sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.

Kids Will Love These Police Activity Ideas Just As Much As Police Sirens

Pin the Badge on the Officer: Every officer needs to have a badge to signify their status. Turn this into a fun game by having an image of an officer that has lost his badge. Blindfold your kids and have them take turns as to who can get the closest to placing it on the right location. Find out who the most talented officer is in your ranks!

Cops and Robbers: In this variation of tag, split your partiers into two groups. Have one group be cops while the others are robbers that have just looted a bank. Each robber will have a cloth bag attached to their hip, and their goal is to make it to the other side of the yard without losing their treasure while the police apprehend suspects. See which side wins in this fun competition.

Make a Police Badge: Let your guests become officers by letting them design a badge of their own. You can create this from scratch or find a blueprint for them to color. Depending on the age of your guests, you may consider having plastic badges that they can glue on accessories to, but coloring one is a great idea as well. Make sure that they can put their names on the badge to feel like an official enforcer of the law!

An officer never leaves unprepared, and neither should you! Get all of your necessary party goods early to ensure that your party is a hit for all of the right reasons!

Police Party Supplies, Police Party Favors

Jump in your squad car and turn on the siren, our exciting police party supplies are here! Our colorfully decorated tableware, police decorations, cool police party favors and other police themed birthday items are perfect for a number of occasions. So, put on your badge and wear your police cap, you’ll love celebrating a police styled celebration with the help of all of our fantastic police party supplies!