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Pokemon Party Supplies, Pokemon Birthday Party

Throwing a Pokémon theme party with Pokemon party supplies is an easy way to spice up an ordinary birthday party for younger kids. The popular cartoon and trading cards are a favorite among kids and a great source of entertainment with tons of Pokemon birthday supplies, ideas and activities.

Party Activities

  • Find the Pokeballs: Paint Styrofoam balls to look like Pokeballs and hide them around the house or yard. Then start a scavenger hunt for all the balls, the one who finds the most wins!

  • Pokémon Coloring Books: As a great quiet activity, set out Pokémon coloring sheets and scenes printed out from the computer. Kids can then decorate their own posters to take home after the party’s over.

  • Pokémon Blast: Hide one Pokémon marble or ball (or a sticker) in a balloon. Blow up tons of balloons and throw them around the house. Have the kids stomp on the balloons in search of the marble. The one who finds the marble wins.

  • Pokémon Bingo: Play the traditional bingo game but build your own Pokémon -themed game cards. This is an easy-to-follow game that adds to the Pokémon party theme.

Party Food

  • Pokémon Birthday Cake: Make or buy a traditional sheet cake, but add a decorative Pokémon cake topper. You can also build your own topper with sugary fondant in the shape of Pokémon.

  • Mud Pies: Serve chocolate pudding covered in crushed Oreo cookies in mini clean flower pots. Add a gummi worm for a fun “mud” dessert.

  • Farfetch’d Snacks: Farfetch’d always carries a scallion, so serve up a delicious scallion cream dip with chips and veggies. Mix a minced scallion with sour cream and ranch dressing mix until smooth. Then chill and serve.

  • Snover’s Desserts: Snover grows sweet berries and you can create a berry-tastic dessert bar for your guests. Offer strawberries, blackberries and raspberries with vanilla yogurt and Cool Whip.