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Get ready for a little dancing and a few musical notes with our wonderful Pocoyo party supplies! All of our Pocoyo themed party items will add charm and color to your upcoming birthday party, family event or other special occasion. Travel with Pocoyo and all of his friends into space, under the sea or elsewhere for a fun adventure or a song or two. Fill your big day with delightful appeal and adorable Pocoyo style when you add our Pocoyo party supplies to your party setting.

Pocoyo Party Ideas

Thrill all of your young guests with a fun and festive Pocoyo party! Kids love Pocoyo and one of the best ways to entertain your guests is to have plenty of activities on hand. If you can, incorporate some activities from the show into your celebration, but don’t feel that everything has to be Pocoyo related. Just make sure you’ve got a few activities in mind, so that if one flops, you can move on to another. Below are a few suggestions for you to consider for your Pocoyo party.


Fun Shaped Fruits

This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Pocoyo, but it’s still a colorful and fun activity. Take everyday snacks to the next level by cutting them into basic shapes. Try giving out square watermelon bits or pineapple stars. By giving each fruit a distinct shape as well as color, kids will be able to enjoy a healthy snack while learning their shapes and colors. Those that are extremely creative may even make a fun picture on the plate using the shapes or let the kids play with their food for once before eating it all up.

Pocoyo Party Activities

Dance the Dance

One of the most fun things about Pocoyo is that each character has their own special dance. Fans of the show are aware that different musical instruments trigger different dances, and this can be used to your advantage. Have a fun game where participants listen for the musical instrument to sound and let them dance away! Kids who enjoy Pocoyo will be able to teach their friends something fun and new they can all participate in.

Make Play-Doh

The characters in Pocoyo are made to look like they are made out of clay, so why not let everyone create their own character? Making your own Play-Doh is easy, and you can add food coloring to any batch to have a variety of colors. All you need is some peanut butter, dry milk, and honey. Mix the ingredients in a large bowl and color as needed. This dough is safe and completely edible, so everyone can enjoy it one way or another.

Make a Card

Sometimes, it’s just fun to make something worthwhile and unique. Give the kids a chance to show off their creative side by letting them make a card to take home. This card can be directed at anyone, so let their imaginations run wild. Be sure to provide lots of colored paper, glue, and glitter. Also, it wouldn’t be a Pocoyo party without some character stickers to impress everyone who opens it!

Let your young guests have fun with their favorite characters through a Pocoyo party! Be sure that all of the characters are invited by having all the necessary supplies to make it be the best birthday possible!