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Pirate Party Supplies, Pirate Decorations

Pirate party supplies and pirate decorations will transform your celebration into a voyage on the stormy seas. It’s Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of fun with our colorful tableware (plates, napkins, cups and more), pirate decorations, pirate cake supplies and other exciting pirate stuff. From pirate plates to pirate cupcake rings, you’ll set sail for adventure with our fantastic pirate party supplies!

Your Pirate Party Needs Activities or Your Guests will make you Walk The Plank

Pirate’s Booty: Pirates love treasure so why not add some more loot to the bounty by making your own jewelry? Let the kids make their own bangles and necklaces using colorful beads and plastic thread for them to wear during the party.

Treasure Hunt: It’s not a pirate party without a treasure hunt. Put all the goody bags and treats into a box and hide it somewhere in your house – then have the kids search for the party favors, using a map where X marks the spot.

Cannonball Toss: Pirates love a good battle! Fill up black balloons with water and have a water balloon toss – or if the weather is warm, have an all out water balloon fight!

Go Fish: Fashion fishing poles using plastic rods and hooks and have the little pirates gather round a plastic wading pool to go fishing for some loot (plastic toys, necklaces, etc.)

Refreshing Pirate Food that All Your Guests will Enjoy!

Down the Hatch: Serve lemonade or fruit punch in paper “goblets” for a fun pirate thirst quencher.

Shrimp Cocktail: Gather fresh small shrimps into a treasure chest bowl and serve with a fun dipping sauce.

Sandy Treasures: Decorate buttery sugar cookies with powdered sugar and white soft sprinkles for a sandy-looking treat.

Pirate ‘Wiches : Use pirate-themed cookie cutters to cut out shapes in simple sandwiches like PB&J, Ham and Cheese or Tuna Salad, and serve on a huge platter, sprinkled with goldfish crackers for effect.

Pirate Party Supplies, Pirate Plates, Pirate Cups

Explore the seven seas and shiver your timbers with our exciting selection of pirate party supplies! Blackbeard himself will be impressed with your pirate birthday party when you decorate with our exciting skull and crossbones decorations. Then add in some colorful pirate tableware for your birthday tables for more fun. You and your guests will have a swashbuckling good time with the help of our cool pirate party supplies!