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Penguins of Madagascar Party Supplies

Our Penguins of Madagascar Party Supplies are a fun, easy and inexpensive way to brighten up any celebration. If you’ve got Madagascar fans in your home, they are going to love our Penguin themed plates, cups, favors, balloons and other party favorites for their next birthday or other get-together. Make your party a little more special with the help of our fantastic Penguins of Madagascar party supplies!

The Penguins of Madagascar Television Series

While anyone reading this is probably familiar with The Penguins of Madagascar TV Series (you are after all on a page about the Penguins of Madagascar), for those of you who don’t know, the Penguins of Madagascar is an animated television series on Nickelodeon that is based off of the Penguin characters from the Madagascar movies.

Debuting in 2009, The Penguins of Madagascar show follow the adventures of primarily four penguins who, in military-like fashion, protect themselves and their Central Park Zoo home. Of course, the narcissistic King Julien XIII (a lemur), Maurice (an aye-aye…look it up) and Mort (a mouse lemur) are often the amusing root of the problems. The adventures are supposed to take place sometime after their adventures in the Madagascar movies, but no specific time is mentioned.

Interestingly, the look and sound of the Penguins changed from the movie to the show. In the movies, the penguins look very similar (because they aren’t the main characters), but in the show they are made to look different, and their personalities are differentiated as well. Obviously, the Penguins wouldn’t be a very good focal point of their own show if they all looked and acted the same.

The Penguins of Madagascar Characters

Skipper is the leader of our heroic group of penguins. He gives orders, comes up with strategies and is always prepared for any situation. This is probably due to his extreme paranoia and his covert operations experience.

Private is the sensitive one and the novice of the group. He often comes up with less complex solutions than Skipper or Kowalski (below).

Kowalski is the inventor of the group. Because he can’t read, he often draws his plans in intricate style. His inventions can sometimes put the entire team in danger.

Rico is the Penguins explosives expert. He frequently swallows useful items and regurgitates them when they are needed. These items often appear too large for his mouth. He usually speaks in grunts, although occasionally he speaks normally.

King Julien XIII is a complete narcissist, but somehow manages to be amusing at the same time. He frequently misunderstands others.

Maurice is King Julien’s put-upon assistant (or servant). He often shows dislike for King Julien and his treatment of him and others.

Mort is infatuated with King Julien and has an unhealthy love of King Julien’s feet. He is treated with contempt by Julien and is not very smart.