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Paw Patrol Party Supplies, Paw Patrol Party Favors

Paw Patrol party supplies are an action-packed part of any kid’s birthday party! Turn your party setting into your very own Adventure Bay with the colorful addition of our fantastic Party Patrol plates, napkins, cups, Paw Patrol party favors and other favorites. Turn your partygoers loose to protect and rescue in Paw Patrol style with the help of all our wonderful Paw Patrol party supplies!

Paw Patrol Main Characters

There’s plenty of fun Paw Patrol characters for your little ones to enjoy. From the leader of the patrol, Ryder, to Marshall the firedog to Chase the police presence, your little ones will love the laughs and excitement provided by this pack of playful pups. Here’s a helpful list of all your favorite characters:

  • Ryder - Ryder is a boy and ATV riding leader of the Paw Patrol. He’s comfortable with tech gadgets and teaches the pups any number of lessons and new tricks. Filled with a gung-ho spirit, his heart guides the patrol from rescue to rescue.
  • Marshall - Marshall is typically a ball of energy whether riding on his fire truck or heading out on an adventure. This Dalmatian may be a bit clumsy, but his excitement is contagious amongst his best friends Chase and Rubble and the rest of the gang.
  • Chase - Chase is the canine leader of the Paw Patrol. Best friends with Marshall and Rubble, this pup rides in a police truck due to his police training. His knack for sniffing out solutions with his keen sense of smell is great until a cat happens upon the scene and causes an allergic reaction. He’s comfortable with spy gear and is happy to use his night vision goggles for a little extra help when needed.
  • Rocky - Rocky is the recycling dog of the group who hates getting wet. Always ready with a tool from his pup pack, Rocky brings some enthusiasm to the pack.
  • Rubble - Rubble loves riding on a skateboard or snowboard and is an especially skilled digger. Best friends with Marshall and Chase, he also looks up to Adventure Bay’s very own superhero, Apollo the Super Pup. Rubble can be a bit gruff, but loves getting dirty with his construction tools and digging equipment.
  • Zuma - Zuma is a chocolate lab that loves to surf and have a laugh. He is always on-hand when it comes to diving and water rescue.
  • Skye - You can find Skye flying around Adventure Bay in her helicopter. This cockapoo is the Paw Patrol’s first female member and its most skilled pilot.

Other Paw Patrol Characters of Note

There no shortage of adorable characters in Adventure Bay! You’ve got Katie the veterinarian and pet groomer, Everest the hyperactive female husky who loves her liver flavored snacks, Jake the expert snowboarder who owns Jake’s Mountain, Cali the pet cat of Katie and too many other favorites to mention. One thing’s for sure, your kids will have a ball with all of these playful pups!

Have a Wonderful Paw Patrol Birthday Party!

Our exciting Paw Patrol party supplies are perfect for your little one’s birthday party or other fun celebration! Invite Chase, Ryder, Marshall, Rubble and all of your favorite Party Patrol pups to your gathering with the help of our fun Paw Patrol decorations, Paw Patrol favors, tableware and other fantastic Paw Patrol items. Create a memorable and fun day for someone special with all of our adorable Paw Patrol party supplies!