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Ninjago Party Supplies, Ninjago Birthday Party

Let your party guests fight for control of the Four Golden Weapons with the addition of our exciting Ninjago party supplies to their big day. Battle the Great Devourer for the freedom of Ninjago at your next Ninjago birthday, family night, or other Ninjago themed celebration. Help Wu and his companions keep the world of Ninjago safe when you decorate your special day with the help of our fantastic selection of Ninjago party supplies.

Ninjago Food and Activities Ideas to Go With Ninjago Party Supplies

Bring the popular Lego series to your home with a Ninjago themed party. Let kids see how well they would perform as a ninja with these fun activities and tasty treats!

Ninjago Party Food

Ninjago Chocolates: Have your very own Ninjago characters at your party by giving out some ninja chocolates. You can find molds of Lego characters at several different places, so just fill the mold with chocolate and let it harden. Once this is done, you can add different frosting or fondant to color code each ninja character. Be sure to include a few female Ninjago characters so the girls don’t feel left out either!

Ninjago Cupcakes: Another tasty Ninjago treat would be to have cupcakes for each character in the show. Simply bake cupcakes like you typically would, and then use icing to create the masks for each individual character. You can do this by icing everything on the cupcake except for a square region, but color everything else the color of the ninja. Give them eyes and eyebrows where you left space, and you’ll be good to go.

Ninjago Party Activities

Hide and Seek: Ninjas are experts at vanishing, so why not play a game of hide and seek? Have everyone become a ninja as one master tries to find all of the hiding disciples. Take turns and give everyone a chance to seek as well as hide. You might even find a couple true ninjas in your group!

Make Ninja Stars: You can easily fold some ninja stars for everyone to take home and show their friends. You can find instructions online as to how to fold these little weapons, and be sure to provide lots of different colored paper for some truly unique combinations. Kids might need a little help getting started, but they will be thrilled when their hard work pays off with their very own ninja star!

Test of Skills: A ninja must be skilled in a number of different aspects, and what better way to test this than with a set of challenges! You can create your own set of events, but some suggestions include foot races, climbing, swimming, and throwing competitions. Be sure to have a score card to keep track of everyone’s progress and crown the winner a true ninja champion!

Ninjago Tournament: See how well your Ninjago does against the others. If everyone has some Ninjago characters, let them bring them for a battle to see who the champion is. Be sure that everyone plays fairly and you’ll be having a fun competition in no time!

Even though ninjas operate in the shadows, make their presence known by having Ninjago party supplies. Kids will love seeing their favorite characters represented!

Ninjago Party Supplies and Birthday Fun!

Ninjago party supplies are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday party! Mix and match our Ninjago favors with other Lego party themes for an amazing Lego style gathering. Ninjago stickers, Lego tableware, Lego decorations and other Ninjago party supplies will turn any ordinary get-together into an exciting Ninjago extravaganza!