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Ninja Party Supplies, Ninja Birthday Party Favors

Ninja Turtles birthday supplies are headed your way! Stalking through your party setup and silently stepping their way to your party tables for your guests to enjoy. These cool and mystical fighters are ready to tackle your biggest party obstacles by making sure that your party guests love all of these awesome ninja themed plates, napkins, cups and other party goods. Grab your ninja swords, put on your masks and get ready for a fantastic birthday party with the help of our stealthy and sleek Ninja party decorations!

Ninja Birthday Party Decorations, Activities, Food and Fun to Go with the Ninja Party Supplies

Themed parties are the ‘it’ things for birthday boys and girls these days. Themed parties are great to have because they gradually heighten the pleasure and excitement of all the little guests that you have invited. If you have a little hero who is a martial art student or who simply loves ninja’s, then throwing him a ninja birthday party will make his day even more special. Some people think that planning a ninja themed party is hard to do. But on the contrary, if you have the right supplies, you will be able to plan a very nice action packed ninja party. Here’s how you do it.

Decorative Ideas to Help Set the Mood for a Ninja Birthday Party

Decide the color Scheme: Traditionally, it would be best if you go with a black and white color scheme for the birthday party, but some kids also prefer adding a bit of color by mixing in the red. Once you are done deciding the color scheme, buy balloons, solid balloons and streamers that match and hang plenty of those all around the house.

Chinese Signs: To give the overall effect of a ninja house, you need to cut out pictures or signs of Chinese letters and signs. You can mostly find these on Chinese takeout boxes or other places. If however you don’t think these signs are big or prominent enough, you can always print them out from the internet.

Ninjas everywhere: To round the decorations off, you need to have posters and huge pictures of ninjas to go on your walls. If you can get your hands on one of those real life posters, then that is great too.

Unleash the Ninja in your Little Party Guests with these Fun Ninja Party Activities

Swords in the making: There have to be swords at a ninja themed party! For the ideal material to play with, get some foam pipes and ask the kids to decorate them to their liking. Give them an option of paints, glitter and duct tape.

Food for the Ninjas

Chinese on the menu: To carry the ninja theme throughout the party, you should have some Chinese food on the menu. Things like egg rolls, stir fried noodles and rice are among many things that kids like to eat at parties. If in case you don’t have enough time to make them on your own, order them from the nearest Chinese restaurant. Also order fortune cookies to bring in some uniqueness to the party.

Bake the cake: Making the birthday cake so that it matches the ninja themed party is simple. All you need to do is to bake a simple cake, frost it and write your child’s name in Chinese characters. To make the cake more prominent, ice it with red icing and write the name with a black icing.

Have a Wonderful Ninja Birthday Party!

A ninja birthday theme can be a lot of fun. Whether creating an activity with do-it-yourself ninja swords or making it easy on yourself by buying already made ones, you’ll want to include some cool ninja favors and decorations to really create a ninja atmosphere. Plan ahead for your celebration, don’t try to do too much and sprinkle in some ninja party supplies for your event and your big day should be a big success!