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Music Party Supplies, Music Party Decorations

Music party supplies will bring harmony and fun to your next music themed celebration. Whether you’re planning a musical styled birthday party, a pre-concert get-together or some other melodious special occasion, you’ll love our musically inspired dinner plates, napkins, cups, music party favors, decorations, cake supplies and other fun stuff. Help make your next party reach the top of the charts with the addition of our fantastic music party supplies!

Music Birthday Party and Party Ideas

Get the party started with a music party. Create some fun games and tasty treats that music lovers of all ages will enjoy!


Instrument Cookies: Do you have a lot of musicians in your party? Bake some yummy cookies in the shape of different instruments and see how many they can name! If you want to make things easier for them, you can ice them according to what the instrument is supposed to look like, otherwise leave them blank and make them harder to identify!

Musical Note Cake: Sheet music is an absolute must for any musician, so test their skills by decorating a sheet music cake. Get some sheet music for an actual song and ice the cake accordingly. See if there is anyone that can name the song that you added onto the cake, and then play it while everyone is eating! It’s a fun way to teach music while filling the stomachs of your hungry partygoers!


Name that Tune: Test the skills of your guests by playing some basic music of popular tunes. You can do this by getting karaoke versions of hit song and playing them for everyone to listen to. If you are a musician yourself, you might even consider playing the songs with an instrument of your choice. Reward the person who can get the most right!

Guess the Instrument: See how well everyone knows their instruments by playing some different clips of them on the internet. Don’t let anyone see what you are choosing, and give everyone some time to figure out what instrument makes that sound. You can split your party into two groups so that they can deliberate on the harder questions as well as compete with their friends.

Make a musical instrument: : Since this is a music party, give your guests something to take home and show their friends and family! You can make a simple instrument with an empty tissue box and some string, letting each child choose how many strings they want to strum. Don’t forget to have lots of decorations available so that they can color and glue fun things to the outside of the box and make it their own creation. Let them name their instrument and see what creative designs the youngsters come up with.

A musician is never without the right gear, and you shouldn’t be either. Get all of the right party supplies to ensure that your music party is a hit!