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Your Minecraft fans will love our cool selection of fantastic Minecraft party supplies! If you’re planning a birthday, video game party or some other Minecraft-themed celebration, you’ll love mixing our colorful tableware with our Minecraft party favors, matching Minecraft decorations and other party favorites. Bring on your own creative mode when you make your next gathering a Minecraft celebration with the aid of our amazing Minecraft party supplies.

What’s Minecraft Exactly?

Minecraft is a game that was first released in the middle of 2009. Created by Markus "Notch" Persson and later published by Mojang, Minecraft allows players to explore a world built of 3D cubes. Simple in some aspects yet wonderfully addictive, players of Minecraft venture through an expanding land acquiring resources, maintaining their health, and avoiding mobs of monsters.

The major gameplay modes of Minecraft are creative, survival and hardcore. There’s also a mode known Adventure, which is played on custom maps with custom rules. Multiplayer games of Minecraft are also available.

Minecraft Survival Mode

Minecraft survival mode is probably the most popular way to play the game. Players can die, and therefore, must monitor their health and resources. Of course, they must also avoid (or fight off) mobs of monsters. Players can build items with the resources they find, including weapons and armor, and can improve these items with better resources. Trading of goods with villagers is also possible.

Minecraft Hardcore Mode

Minecraft hardcore mode is essentially a much more challenging version of survival. Gameplay is set up at the hardest level, and players that die in the game will have their worlds destroyed. In other words, when players die in hardcore mode, they and their worlds are permanently eliminated.

Minecraft Creative Mode

Minecraft creative mode allows players to be as imaginative as they like with the world around them without worrying about resources, monsters, or other threats. Players in this mode can also fly without encumbrance from place to place. By not having to worry about survival, players can concentrate on building large structures in any number of creative fashions.

Have a Wonderful Time at Your Minecraft Celebration!

A Minecraft themed-birthday party or other get-together is a great idea for any fan of Minecraft. Have an amazing time at your Minecraft party, and make your Minecraft celebration the best it can be with the help of our fantastic selection of Minecraft party supplies!