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Mike the Knight Party Supplies, Mike the Knight Balloons

Join Mike the Knight, his fire-breathing dragon Sparkie, his water-breathing dragon Squirt, Evie, Galahad and the rest of the gang when you bring home these wonderful Mike the Knight party supplies to your celebration. Whether planning a birthday party, family get-together or some other Mike the Knight themed gathering, you’ll love our Mike the Knight balloons, colorful tableware and other fun items. Enjoy your Mike the Knight event even more with the help of our fantastic Mike the Knight party supplies!

Mike the Knight Birthday Party Ideas

Prepare your child and their guests for a day full of adventure and knight-like activities. As Mike the Knight would say, “Be a knight, do it right.” Everyone will feel like Mike the Knight at this fun party. Start the theme off right by having everyone dress up as a knight or as a maiden. It will draw everyone away from reality and into the realm of knights.

Honor thy Knights With These Fun Food Ideas

Mike the Knight Cupcakes: Top chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with Mike the Knight cake topper decorations in honor of everyone’s favorite knight.

Dragon Cake: Have a dragon-shaped cake placed in the centre of the table. Have a sign above it that says, “Slain by Mike the Knight.” It will draw lots of attention and it will taste amazing to all of the guests, too. It will certainly start a lot of conversations among everyone.

Moat Float: Make a medieval-inspired punch that would make Mike the Knight proud. Everyone will love the fitting name “Moat Float” not to mention if you add dragon gummies or dragon ice cubes into the punch for an added punch.

Turn Your Party Into An Adventure With These Mike The Knight Activities

Mean Ogre: Everyone can feel like a knight with this fun game. All you need is a toy crossbow and an ogre made out of cardboard to create a fun activity. Give everyone three chances to shoot at the horrible ogre and to “Be a knight, do it right.” Each person that takes it down can be “knighted” by you.

Slay the Fire Breathing Dragon: Kids will have a blast as they all take a swing at a dragon piñata filled with wrapped candies, pretending they are all knights going after the dangerous dragon. Not to mention, it is quite an award once they slay it. Tell them to make Mike the Knight proud before they go at it for extra excitement.

Knock Out the Giant: Have a giant made from cardboard and then give each child a chance to throw balls at it three times to see if they can knock it over. Have it designed so it will fall over if it is hit with enough force. Have everyone bow in honor to those who were able to knock the giant down.

Design a Sword: When you can see that everyone needs some down time, have them sit down and draw their dream sword. It is a fun activity to see how each child would imagine their own sword while giving them a chance to rest from all the fun for a while.

Invite Mike the Knight Home to Your Birthday Party!

Mike the Knight party supplies, decorations, favors and more are a great way to round out your Mike the Knight celebration. No need to worry about the time and effort of homemade party items when you can receive fun party stuff from Discount Party Supplies’ affordable and extensive collection. Have a great time planning and executing your Mike the Knight themed day with the help of all of our Mike the Knight birthday supplies!