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Max and Ruby Party Supplies, Max and Ruby Cupcake Rings

Decorate your little one’s cupcakes with our adorable Max and Ruby cupcake rings. Or, simply give them out at the end of your event as Max and Ruby party favors for your guests. Either way, the cupcake rings and our complete selection of Max and Ruby party supplies are sure to add some color and fun to your special occasion. Have a wonderful time at your next birthday party or other gathering with the help of our fantastic Max and Ruby party supplies!

More Max and Ruby Information To Go With a Max and Ruby Birthday Party

The Max and Ruby animated television show stars two bunnies who are brother and sister. Max, rambunctious and always curious, and his bossy but loving sister Ruby enjoy simple adventures together. Max and Ruby was originally a series of popular children’s books written by author and illustrator Rosemary Wells. In 2002, after a pilot the year before, the Max and Ruby series began. After that first year, four additional seasons were created off and on until today, the most reason one beginning in December of 2011.

Max and Ruby’s Important Characters

Max and Ruby

As we mentioned, Max is a rabbit and Ruby’s younger brother (3 years old). In most episodes, his curiosity leads him to challenge Ruby’s rules or instructions in order to get something he wants. He rarely speaks more than a word or two, which can lead to misunderstandings.

Ruby’s (seven years old) main goal often seems to be to try to talk Max out of an idea Max has. She is over-protective towards her brother and often acts like his mom. Although, she appears to truly be looking out for Max, she can certainly be overly bossy to him which can be annoying (especially for any parents watching). She enjoys tea parties with her friends and has a thing for her classmate Roger. Grandma

Grandma is the only parental figure on the show. Max and Ruby’s parents aren’t a part of series. Grandma loves her grandkids equally, but she usually sides with Max (probably because of Ruby’s tendency to try to stop Max) on things. She has fun with Max and Ruby and lets them have access to her attic full of clothes.

Louise, Valerie and Martha

Louise, Valerie and Martha are all fellow rabbits and friends of Ruby’s. Louis is brown and Ruby’s best friend and likes parties. Valerie is dark brown and enjoys playing the recorder and dancing. Martha is gold colored and usually joins Ruby and Louise at Bunny Scouts.


Morris is Louise’s cousin and a friend of Max’s. He often helps Max outmaneuver Ruby and Louise. Believe it or not, he doesn’t talk as often as Max.

The Piazza Family

The Piazzas are a family that works at the nearby market. However, only Roger and Mr. Piazza are a part of the show. Roger’s mother isn’t a part of the series.

Roger is into sports and describes himself as seven and a half years old. He’s an active bunny who (much to Ruby’s chagrin) enjoys playing with Max. He treats Max like a younger brother and doesn’t spend a lot of time with Ruby or Louise, even though they appear to be infatuated with him.

Other Max and Ruby Characters

Some other characters that make appearances on the show from time to time are The Huffingtons, Candi, Rosalinda and Boy Scout Leader.

Have Fun With Your Max and Ruby Party!

Have a wonderful time planning and throwing your Max and Ruby celebration. Whether you’re having a Max and Ruby birthday party or some other special event, we hope things go smoothly. Remember, smile, have fun and be sure to bring plenty of Max and Ruby party supplies!