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Marvel Superheroes Party Supplies, Marvel Birthday Party

Marvel party decorations are ready to fly, jump and swing into your Marvel themed birthday party. These superheroes mean business and their ready to let the bad guys know it. Decorate your Marvel superhero themed event with these fantastic Marvel decorations, cups, plates and other birthday items. Have a super time with the help of these exciting Marvel party supplies!

Marvel Superheroes Here and Elsewhere!

There are many Marvel superheroes pictured on these fun Marvel birthday supplies. Included on these party products are Spiderman party decorations, Thor, The Thing, Iron Man, The Hulk, Wolverine and other heroes. That’s a lot of Marvel superheroes. So, let’s discuss them a bit with the help of some fun Marvel superhero trivia

Other than Tony Stark (Iron Man’s secret identity and creator of the Iron Man armor), has anyone else worn the Iron Man armor?

Yes, over the years there have been some occasions where others have worn the armor. Among them, Tony’s business partner and friend, James Rhodes, Eddie March, Michael O’Brien, Harold “Happy” Hogan and probably some others we’ve missed.

What is one of The Hulk’s favorite things to say?

“Hulk Smash!”

In what comic book did Wolverine first appear?

Wolverine first appeared in the final panel of The Incredible Hulk issue #180. His first major appearance was in the following episode, The Incredible Hulk #181.

Who did The Thing almost marry?

The Thing almost married Debbie Green, a woman with no superpowers, but he broke it off at the last minute after he decided he didn’t want Debbie to have the difficult life of a superhero wife.